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i am free

New album



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Joan of Arc

joan of arc, dick cheney, mark twain....

New album



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The Judy Green

bird in the teeth

New album



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Franklin Delano
all my senses are senseless today

New album from one of our favorite Italian bands. acoustic hypnosis and electric explosions, minimalism and noise, the atmospheres are compatible to Will Oldham or Califone, but also Slint and The For Carnation. seven tracks of wide space, faint lights, smoke and naked hearts.


here's their italian site

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Resplendent III
casket city wolves

EP number 3 in the series. 7 songs 25:44min.

pitchfork review


here's his site

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Sin Ropas
trickboxes on the pony line

Sin Ropas' second album of freakified post-rock features our friends Tim Hurley (Red Red Meat,Califone) and his wife, Danni Iosello.

great reviews from Rolling Stone, PopMatters, Godsend Online, Pitchfork, and more.


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Resplendent II
wing beneath the sills

EP number 2 in the series. Electronic music, programmed sampled beats, flutes, french horns, acoustic gutar, vocals, intimate.

6 tracks 27minutes

pitchfork review

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Resplendent I
in a wilderness

Resplendent is Michael Lenzi (fire show, number one cup). This is the first of a series of ep's that he will be releasing. Here's what it's about: '....unabashedly unencumbered. gone are the traditional guitars and drums, replaced by ones and zeroes, a glitch-and-burn aesthetic.' Think fire show meets early-Tricky.

9 tracks 29:35minutes

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nothing left to lose
a tribute to Kris Kristofferson

An Incindental Music compilation of Kris Kristofferson covers by the following musicians:

handsome family - sunday mornin' comin' down, souled american - please don't tell me how the story ends, califone - border lord, diana darby - jesus was a capricorn, rebecca gates with califone - nobody wins, calexico - casey's last ride, court and spark - for the good times, zmrzlina with milk chopper - me & bobby mcgee, radar brothers - help me make it through the night, deanna varagona - burden of freedom, creeper lagoon - why me, granfaloon bus - kiss the world goodbye, virgil shaw and the killer views band - just the other side of nowhere, richard buckner - lovin' her was easier, crooked jades - shipwrecked in the eighties, howe gelb - the pilgrim, grandaddy - best of all possible worlds.

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the zincs
moth and marriage

The Zincs are lead by James Elkington. He wrote, performed, and produced "Moth and Marriage" in its entirety. The album was conceived during the first year Jim lived in Chicago when he had nothing better to do with his mornings than eat cereal and write and record songs. "Moth and Marriage" was recorded in Greg Norman's (engineer from Electrical Audio Recording) basement on the South side of Chicago. In addition to a thumb piano, Jim also played nylon string and electric guitars, drums, keyboards, bass, harmonica, and percussion. He sings as well, in a soothing, wavering baritone that appropriately suits the lyrical themes of alienation, loneliness, getting older, and lying. These are spare and mellow pop songs that are somber but not sad. Melancholy but not maudlin. "Moth and Marriage" are the two things that frighten The Zincs most of all.


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the new year's resolutions
hup!-booking compilation

This is an Italian compilation of previously unreleased songs by these artists:

0kapi/metaxu, jad fair, bratmobile, the microphones, ensemble raye, future pilote aka, califone, deerhoof, floach, pram, sue garner & rick brown, harpy, tele:funken, & rollerball.


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the zincs
forty winks with the zincs

On his return to England at the start of 2002, Jim Elkington found that both his song-writing and his choice of cover versions had subconsciously gravitated to his unconscious and work commenced on a sleep-themed EP. Teaming up with Dan Mulligan (sophia, layabout) this EP was made using random keyboards, broken gutars, a homemade children's drumkit and a bicycle. The CD features three new Zinc's songs as well as covers of Sleep by 70's pop deconstructionists This Heat and Good Night by 60's pop constructionists The Beatles.

-sweet dreams

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lie pony

8 song disc of beautiful, twisted home-made music from our friend ken mensch. mountain mud, white noise, pop ears and the kitchen sink too. Like the bathroom floor of the Sizzler with an empty buffet, after the "Miss Teen USA" tour bus pulls away. Plasticactus sprinkles on the sawdust and serves it up hot for all the kiddies to enjoy in this country-slapped indie-smacked debut.

handmade package sealed in red wax (very limited pressing)

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touched by a janitor
new rule to self

new rule to self is from joe goldring the guitar marvel behind perishable releases captain onboard and out in worship's sterilized. joe and friends have put together an excellent e.p. under the moniker touched by a janitor. it's a six-song treatise sounding somewhere between don caballero and a cape-wearing robert fripp circa 1974. an instrumental work of balls and beauty. pick it up today from this website. on feudal enterprise recordings.(2000)

distributed by perishable

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tape loops, bizarre sounds, snippets of lo-fi sentimentality, dreamy psychedelia, instruments that play themselves, violent clown spams, lengthy expressions of the impossible, and songs that take tailspin turns in directions heretofore not mentioned.  autobody features current and former alumni from drumhead, cattleprod, fly ashtray, dymaxion, wharton tiers ensemble and others.  this cd, culled from autobody's 5 year reign in brooklyn is an excellent introduction to the sound that has been described by one reviewer as "music for subversive, cheerfully evil cartoons drawn by people on moderately priced drugs.".   from silly bird records.(1999)

distributed by perishable

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(film) head in the clouds: alastair galbraith and peter jefferies in america
directed by jeff economy

in 1993 i lived out my d.a. pennebaker / don't look back fantasy of following a bob dylan-type musician around the country with a video camera and recording every little burp and fart. except in this case the new bob dylan turned out to be the new syd barrett and the new john cale, in the form of two eccentric, inebriated kiwis touring america for the first time. head in the clouds is 90 minutes of alastair galbraith and peter jefferies' concert performances and private moments, presented in a "you-are-there" format on one handy VHS video cassette. guest appearances by members of the chills and magic hour, the bill meyer, and yo la tengo's cat. tune in, turn on, eat a hunky meat stick. NTSC  (limited number of PAL format copies also available). (jeff e.)   on household name.

distributed by perishable

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red red meat/polara
split 7"

split 7" with red red meat performing a polara song (listening now) and polara doing rrm's carpet of horses (1996)

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red red meat
star above/ welcome xmas 7"

title track from the 1997 album backed with a red red meat version of the whoville ballad from the grinch who stole christmas by our savior, dr. seuss.  comes in personalized wrapping-paper sleeves.  recorded on a hot day in august.  we were locked in the studio all day doing this record and when we left, every single one of us was surprised when there was no snow on the ground. (tim r.) (1997)

distributed by perishable 

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