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I was on the phone and smoking the tailend of a cigarette left in the middle of our discussion. You were already gone and forgot to take your jacket with you. I was worried that you wouldn't have a hood on your head--the leaves on our ficus had shaken into purple and made me more concerned. I realized I was speaking to you on the line and reminded you about the hood. You told me not to be so mellow-dramatic and not to burn it down to the filter.

- Tuesday, December 26, 2000 at 20:54:07 (CST)
Não foi um sonho, foi real, limpei minha bunda com a foto da minha ex.
Coxinha <eatcoxinha@hotmail.com>
- Thursday, December 21, 2000 at 04:46:21 (CST)
This is my friend Anne's dream that she sent me. so i had this nightmare adam. it freaked me out because i didnt think that i could dream something like this that ive never seen before. i dreamt that i was in the bedroom with some guy and a snake acidicly sizzled away his spine and entered his body so there was only spiky vertebra and this crevice where the spinal cord was. i left the bedroom and then snakes started opening the door- i think they laid eggs in his body. they had fat heads and juicy skin like frogs though -they were really grotesgue and i was trying to fight them off as they were coming one by one through the door. black blood getting all over and there were my sisters in the house and they didnt seem to worry-i kept telling them to save themselves but they didnt leave the basement. it was horrific and i still think about it. me slashing them with scissors and nives.
Adam Boysen <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 22:07:03 (CST)
John Stanley, I like how you dream. Would you share another?

- Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 12:16:08 (CST)
I was climbing an impossibly steep and unsteady open air spiral staircase, along side an ancient, unusable collapsed set of stone stairs. The steps were actually little steel antennas that would spring to life when my foot found them. I climbed forever, slowly moving out of the shadows to where the stairs ended and I stepped onto a hovering island of soft green spring grass. A figure waited for me. I had a sense of knowingness but I couldn't see the face clearly. We walked over to an oven sitting in the middle of a field and he opened the door. Inside there was a little heap of miniature clay-like people having an orgy, the heat somehow helped them get off. Horrified,I watched as they burst into flames, some continued to fuck, oblivious to the fire and others began screaming. I slammed the oven door and ran but the sounds of their hideous death shrieks had somehow shot straight into my soul. I woke up and couldn't shake off the horror. I can still feel it.
MN - Wednesday, December 20, 2000 at 11:11:20 (CST)
On the second story above the garage, the place has a sorority feel to it. I'm in a large oblong bedroom with several twin beds…2-tier curtains in wooden windows--blue flower fabric is hanging on their brass rings. I glance out one of the windows overlooking the driveway, careful not to be seen, feeling out of scene. An old-school-smooth red convertible is parked on the pavement, white ragtop down, others standing around, talking, laughing. I move to the stereo and rotate the tray to an Air disc, not the soundtrack, but the one I remember, although can't place as fact. I leave the room and walk downstairs with a group of girls to the ground floor, but they head towards another group of guys striding directly in front of us and we end up crossing over to the top of the stairs on the opposite side, remaining on the 2nd floor. I feel disgust and frustration at not having reached the 1st floor destination and turn to inform one of the girls that we're still on the same level, but she's not interested in the obvious and replies, "there's someone here to talk to", referring to one of the guys we had passed. I have no idea who she's speaking of, having recognized no one.
EmMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
Mn usa - Tuesday, December 05, 2000 at 11:49:08 (CST)
i wrote a novel as a novelty for all the other dreamers, sighted in my obect obsessed confession, so novel pity you
that one kid <with a url>
AOL militiagan - Monday, December 04, 2000 at 00:32:49 (CST)
Ich träumte davon, dass auf der Strasse tote Katzen lagen, flach gewalzt von Autos. Dazwischen streunte ein Hund, zwischen dessen Beinen eine Katze mit blutigem Kopf ging. Sie wurde wie vom Hund beschützt. Ich musste architektonisch gelobte Treppen, aus Glas und Marmor, hinab steigen. Doch die Geländer fehlten teilweise, die Tritte waren falsch bemessen und rutschig.
Kellenberger <kellenberger@tuch.ch>
Switzerland - Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 04:48:24 (CST)
Ich träumte davon, dass auf der Strasse tote Katzen lagen, flach gewalzt von Autos. Dazwischen streunte ein Hund, zwischen dessen Beinen eine Katze mit blutigem Kopf ging. Sie wurde wie vom Hund beschützt. Ich musste architektonisch gelobte Treppen, aus Glas und Marmor, hinab steigen. Doch die Geländer fehlten teilweise, die Tritte waren falsch bemessen und rutschig.
Kellenberger <kellenberger@tuch.ch>
- Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 04:47:50 (CST)
The eyebrow slow to move upwards in recognition. She leaves without a sidelong glance as she did before. Chief lies bloody in the snow. The cops come and for once are understanding of your plight. "Flow river flow" you say, and the salty river does come a'streaming, and you think, "Perhaps I don't suffer from stage fright after all". She talks of doing a final project on puppets, and you think "Someday I will marry you".
Adam Boysen ("drunk") <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA!!!! - Sunday, December 03, 2000 at 03:15:36 (CST)
sitting in the kitchen before the '89 addition-she was speaking on the phone with a service rep at the post office. she thought she'd notified them of her move…now residing @ 3500…she needed to have the vitamin E sent to her new address. he was standing near in the corner, easybeamingwarm at me-white polo tshirt, unshaven face with bed-kept brown angled hair. hanging around, as he was made smiling commentaries in my direction, but I can't recall the topic(s?)…then found myself driving through an intersection coming up to an all-way stop sign…there were series of known 3s coming together, one of them had to do with town and country/tj merging together or meeting up at some focal point with the other two
- Monday, November 27, 2000 at 09:21:00 (CST)
everybody looks the same
matt spellcheck <Alethes1@aol.com>
CA USA - Sunday, November 26, 2000 at 19:51:06 (CST)
As of recent I have been trying to write my dreams down when I wake in the morning. I try to follow them up with a bit of my reality, or a brief description of what I may think it is about. For my sake I refuse to use names. I think I know who this one is about but in my dreams faces & bodies morph too often for me to be positive but in my mind i know who it was. D: It was kind of sunny. Your bike was parked outside next to a bike I had never seen before. I was looking through a sun porch and you were holding a phone in your hand. The conversation was short but well said according to your face. Short sleeved T & blue jeans. Boots?? Nothing is proportioned. You look small. I feel like i'm trying to go somewhere, my body is heavy but my eyes seem to be free. Biking ahead you seem happy, less constrained. Were you always? I always seem to see everything from afar, you seem very happy but it is always speculated. Back home, it's always dark. No matter what room, no light seems to be able to seep in. I know i'm not alone, but I can never see you. You are the mystery that I am familiar with. Your voice whispers in my ear "Just try to sleep". That is when I awoke.
John Stanley
- Sunday, November 26, 2000 at 14:46:08 (CST)
I was visiting Winona, Minnesota, where I lived for three weeks when my parents moved there right before I moved to Minnapolis. I don't remember much of that 3 weeks, except that whenever I walked outside, the weather was really stoned. And I listened to a lot of Spacemen 3 then. Draw your own conclusions. Anyways, I was visiting my Dad at the high school, which is a very beaten down place. Lots of earth tone lockers and paths worn in the carpet. I stopped by my Dad's class, and sat down. Patricia Arquette was sitting next to me. I said to her, "Nice shoes", as her shoes were very nice. They were brown leather running shoes, looking futuristic and old at the same time.
Adam Boysen <robotica@rocketmail.com>
- Saturday, November 25, 2000 at 20:54:18 (CST)
I was in my home with several of my friends for some sort of party I think, but there was this general discomfort. I looked outside the glass doors of the den and saw round metal objects, slightly larger than basketballs, with circular tail-things falling from the sky. I've never seen anything quite like them before, but I knew that they were bombs. I could see them coming down everywhere within my range of sight, as if Madison county was being carpet-bombed. Everyone was suddenly panicking. The strange thing was that I couldn't hear anything; I could only see what was happening and feel the emotions of those around me. One of the bombs came down, hitting at the corner of the glass door, just as I moved behind someone who was walking past it. It didn't quite explode as I had thought it would, rather it's form disappeared in this blinding light that flashed into the room making everything white, and it was gone, leaving no physical damage.
The panic in the room rose and everyone moved towards my brother's bedroom, crowding into it as though it were a safer place. As this was happening, someone began to pound on the front door. Three boys from the group of people, including Robert and my brother, threw themselves aganst the door and locked the deadbolt then ran with the last of the people into my brother's room, shut the door and locked it.
I moved into my own room locking the door. Then, shutting myself in the closet, I huddled against the back wall. I could feel the people moving around uncomfortably in my brother's room. (It was like hearing them, but as previously mentioned, I didn't actually hear anything in this dream.) Someone, I'm fairly sure it was Robert or my brother, perhaps both, came out into the hallway and jiggled the handle of the door to my room. They were calling out to check on me. (I can't explain how I knew they were calling out, because I couldn't really hear them, but I knew that they were.) They gave up and returned to my brother's room, locking the door again.
Shortly after, I could feel the front door being broken down/in and someone armed with a gun and sword enter. (Yes, I said gun and sword. I could distinctly feel a stranger's lifeforce and that they were carrying those two weapons.) They passed by my brother's room in which everyone had frozen in place, and went straight to my door. They unlocked the door somehow and came in. I could feel the person look around my room then move to the closet.
They opened the door and I found myself looking up at a boy who was my age, if not younger, in a soilder fatigue carrying a rifle in his right hand and a long-sword sheathed at his left hip. I stood up, with my back against the closet wall, a sword from my family's collection in my right hand. I set a protective shield to block the gunshots. (Wouldn't that be an interesting spell to learn in real life?) The boy dropped the rifle and unsheathed his own sword. I could see runes for strength and power running like shadows up and down the blade. We each moved our swords forward, them meeting with a terrible clang of metal. We then moved back of each other slightly. The upper section of my blade fell to the floor, the sword cut cleanly in half. Blue flames immediately rose up along the blade, replacing the missing part with the darkest of blue flames.

here's a sketch of the bomb... http://www.angelfire.com/yt/mypiks/images/bomb.jpg


AL USA - Sunday, November 19, 2000 at 18:09:21 (CST)
my honey and i were travelling and we came upon the town of aldi, arizona. aldi is the name of a c-grade grocery store in chicago and so (naturally?) our interest was peaked. upon arriving where aldi was supposed to be, we saw only desert. confusedly, we walked around searching. finding nothing, we concluded that the town must not exist, it must be one of those fake landmarks that map publishers place on their maps to catch copyright infringers. then we saw two doors, two glass-and-metal doorways standing, seemingly alone in the desert. this freaked me the fuck out right away but we tried the doors. the left one wouldn't open, but the right one did and we entered. we found ourselves in an example of a pervasive kind of modern urban indoor space, the kind of hallway / thruway that one might find inside a shopping mall or a museum or a downtown hotel lobby. the space was carpeted, air-conditioned and basically deserted. my first reaction was to leave and so i tried the door. it wouldn't open. the door next to it did open and i stepped through back into the desert. only this time, a previousy un-noticed ground-mounted black mechanical device made whiny, grindy robotic sounds and swivelled a nozzle in my direction. the nozzle began to emit flame in a curious slow-motion manner. rather than get crisped, i entered through the IN door again. maureen (that's my honey) and i explored the hallways of aldi, arizona. some hallways ended and we had to turn around. some hallways emptied out into larger halls where people could be found. we met some people including a white guy named les, who was in his late 50s and was a friendly, boring sort, the kind of guy you would find at work as an engineer in a large company, the kind of guy who, even though he does a very good job, gets fired late in life because he's just not at the right meetings. we chatted with les and we discovered that aldi was an urban planning project undertaken by a group of people who had come from all the long-gone chicago-area rocery stores maureen and i knew about and remembered over the years; a&p, centrella, certified, butera, etc. this was where these poeple went, and they built thir own city. i forget exactly what happened inside (come to think of it, that's the same thing that happens to me when i go food shopping) but as we were gearing up to leave, i congratulated les on his city and i told him i hoped it would succeed. he chuckled as we left and waved off my concerns saying something like "don't worry, we're adding three more cities this year...". for some reason he mentioned austin, tx...whoa -r
rob webmaster <rob@perishablerecords.com>
il usa - Saturday, November 18, 2000 at 10:38:06 (CST)
alone leaving in a red truck pulling away from my parents gravel driveway with the sweet sounds of barrett’s late night traveling with scenes that had played out on my pillows... only 2 months, but the beautiful warm call came and i made the decision to drive down. looked up to catch a glimpse of the stars overhead…cloud wisps moved over the lights just as an enormous die dropped down and crushed the old maroon jeep. realizing what was behind me, mouth open, i was ready to go. are you?

mn - Wednesday, November 08, 2000 at 19:46:29 (CST)
of course i was pretty jazzed to see johnny cash and benny goodman perform on the same day, but by the time goodman went on i'd already forgotten what johnny played. goodman came on in a turquoise warm-up suit and walked us through some exercises. there was a logo on the suit but we were so far back i couldn't read it. i was a little put off, but he seemed to be in good shape for a dead 90-year old black man, and i figured if ray charles can do it, why can't goodman? so goodman finishes up with the calesthenics, and gets down to some mean clarinet. after the gig, the hall gets smaller until it's like a little college lecture hall or even a classroom. for the ecore, goodman comes out carrying a plywood victrola, only it's not even plywood, it's cardboard or foamcore covered with sticky paper badly printed to look like wood grain. no matter, the crowd gets the reference to some old symbolic issue of goodman's and goes silent with awestruck anticipation. the band jams away like mad, kinetic like a 1920's cab calloway cartoon, and goodman angrily throws the victrola across the stage with a defiant "i ain't doing that again!" attitude. the crowd goes nuts. they finish the number and goodman returns for the final encore, this time somber like paul robeson. he stands in front of a dramatically spotlit anvil, picks up a hammer in one hand and an unfinished shoe in the other and intones the first line of a famous routine: "i was a shoe blackener. the worst job there is." he goes on to tell his metaphoric tale in hushed, reverent tones, and the crowd is at full attention except for one giggly girl. goodman, still a very intimidating, chiseled-faced balck man at 80 years, walks directly to her and places the half-blacked, buttery leather shoe on her foot. the girl looks distressed, eyeing the shoe which now has some dark blue flowered accents, asking "why you put that on me?" but everyone else there knows, and the show is over. my folks and i get up to leave. my dad's still pretty confused, barely able to stand on his own, and as he teeters, he's careful not to bump into goodman, who's gingerly holding the girl's hand, consoling her. the parents and i walk past the half-open starbucks stand, look at some magazines. as we walk back to the car, they tell me "she can get a ride," referring to my girlfriend, but i know who they're talking about and despite what everyone thinks, she's not my girlfriend. i tell them "she doesn't live anywhere near me." my mom is sad: "oh hoh, why can't you find someone who lives a little closer?" i ruefuly reply: "the human heart knows no compass, or road map."

- Monday, November 06, 2000 at 09:52:43 (CST)
they wheeled barbara streisand out and she explained why she wasn't going to perform anymore. her voice sounded normal, but her body had shrivelled and withered to about a third it's normal size, and she no longer had any hands; her arms ended in pointy stumps. in a touching display of compassion, her husband was feeding her jello with a spoon. she seemed in pretty good spirits, all things considered.
stanley b. hamilton
- Sunday, November 05, 2000 at 12:18:21 (CST)
I was doing a girl....some minutes later I was bleeding with a knife in my chess.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
daniel Meltmen <meltmen@hotmail.com>
sp brasil - Thursday, November 02, 2000 at 14:52:13 (CST)
Eu sonhei que estava fazendo intercâmbio com uma família de esquimós. A casa deles era uns 5 andares abaixo do subsolo. Então eu fui dar uma volta sozinho e parei num restaurante chinês, onde passava um rio no meio. Muito foda! Óxk
Oscar C. Segovia (Óxk) <oscosc@hotmail.com>
SP Brazil - Thursday, November 02, 2000 at 14:44:32 (CST)
Lay Low for the Letdown?

- Saturday, October 21, 2000 at 13:17:07 (CDT)
Laying on the couch watching a Scorpions concert on tv. It wasn't the real Scorpions like we know them but a far superior group. The concert was filmed using beautiful arial shots. There were a lot of band members,all in their 40's but relaxed and casual in a 1970's California way. The tune they did was called "Shut Up, Shut Up" and it was a sweet soft rock song. Beautiful and warm. The background singers sang the words "shut up, shut up" so soft and nice.
tony <tonymog@hotmail.com>
- Thursday, October 19, 2000 at 15:39:31 (CDT)
Setting the table for 4 with white china dinner plates with matching saucers, teacups and linen napkins. JC is sitting down, his 6’6” frame spilling over the small place settings. He looks to me as I’m pouring beverages for all in tall drinking glasses, 7up I believe. He says, ‘I need to have cherry caramel mixed in that drink’. I’m in the grocery store in front of shelves with several potential items. I grab a package that I think to be the goods, but as I turn to head up the aisle, I remember…it comes in a tin can.
Meghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
- Tuesday, October 17, 2000 at 23:52:55 (CDT)
I was standing in a record store with about 50 other people. Everyone one was standing in group facing one direction, as if there was an in-store performance, except there wasn't. They were just standing there listening to the record store PA. They were into it and soon I was too. When one song was about to end there was a tense feeling of anticipation over what they would play next. Then Jim O'rourke's Bad Timing came on and I said "yes."
Tom <elko0003@t.c.umn.edu>
mn USofA - Tuesday, October 17, 2000 at 13:42:35 (CDT)
dream on, dream on, dream yourself a dream come true.

- Sunday, October 15, 2000 at 01:42:35 (CDT)
so it was weeks after the notion of the stormy phone booth that the distorted windows of the celestine chapel to a fragmented mirage of discipline allowed me to ferment in the verdict of lost progression, as if the electronic network of introverts, with their digitalization of thought processes and existensial visions of a more promising tomorrowland, could prove theories about relativity through experiences of the subconscious, then the phone rang and we looked up to the stars to see if the explosion was truely above us, or if we were caught looking down to much while we walked, i woke up
jan wans <whovines@hotmail.com>
Militiagan usnever - Friday, October 13, 2000 at 10:52:27 (CDT)
I dreamed I was looking at 3 photos. My mother, myself and my father. Lined up, just like that. I remember that my mother's nose looked bulbous and ugly, extremely exagerated. The next picture was of me and I felt relieved that I didn't look as "Jewish" as she did. I moved on to the image of my blue eyed blonde haired father and felt relief that my nose nose was smooth and small like his. Scary.
Sometimes linked
- Sunday, October 08, 2000 at 21:27:04 (CDT)
Two women constructing dolls limbs--sewing each head with long black hair, affixing suction cups to their chests and sticking them to the front window of their shop. Four of them on display, the shorter one is somehow slightly behind the others on the same pane. Their cloth bodies are bent slightly backwards by the weight of the hair. Sandy sidewalk outside, leaving out the doors with Dave in disbelief that a woman was holding the door open for me. He's says, "Shave the man."
EMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN - Sunday, October 01, 2000 at 00:04:42 (CDT)
i am an interspersed glitch on the sunday hitch of a dreary trip down memory lane stayley from alice in chains. in threes, in threes...
excito the magnetic acrobat <barney@extinct.com>
ca usa #1 forever dammit - Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 21:05:21 (CDT)
this is DREAMS, not acid trips...

- Saturday, September 30, 2000 at 21:01:47 (CDT)
they must have been the latent hours of the third stage of rem, a sort of real premonition came to me in a cloudy translucent form, it was warren defever telling me about how he wanted to record my band, showshane for a petty amount in livonia, militiagan, strangely a city that i grew up five minutes away from yet had no recollection of any reason to ever want to be there, yet warren insisted on it and then i was falling, must have fell for two days down the narrow side of a strato-scraper, becuase when it stopped i had timloftus insisting on doing shockwave for my bands website, a feature i couldnt care to learn yet admire like a rank and file trekie having just found his pointed arrows and even the needle and thread to sew it his shoulder until the dual alarm signaled two annoying tones spaced by nearly sixteenminutes sixteenminutes sixteenminutes sixteenmoreminutes all day long until couch alleviated the dream
jans wans showshane hands <Whovines@hotmail.com>
militiagan - Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 20:11:04 (CDT)
i also dreamt about a giant Jesus chasing me around...
lowry <elyssia20@aol.com>
ma usa - Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11:24:10 (CDT)
i dreamt i was in a airport and a song came on over the intercom and the words of the song were about me and how i was about to crash in the plane i was about to board. i left the airport quickly and went home only to hear about the plane crash that night on the television. then i took a hot shower and went to bed. i woke up with the feeling that another body was in my bed, lying beside me. i didn't know who it was, and it was pitch black, and i was very scared...so scared i didn't want to move. after lying still for a few minutes, i leapt out of bed and flew to the light switch to see what was in my bed. i was astonished to see that what was in my bed was me.....charred, burned, with little red worms crawling on top of my body. i was holding a ring with in my left hand. i screamed, ran out of the room, and down to the neighbors where i called the police. the police came, and went up to my bedroom, where, of course, nothing could be found. i was genuinely frightened, so my neighbors allowed me to stay at their house. the next day, i went home and was washing my hands by the kitchen sink. when i turned around, the body was standing behind me, holding out the ring. i was horrified, but i nervously took the ring out of its hands, and right after, the body vanished. i looked at the ring and noticed the inscription. it said "music is given to those who listen."
lowry <elyssia20@aol.com>
ma usa - Thursday, September 28, 2000 at 11:02:53 (CDT)
Godzilla (or a large dragon like creature with a striking resemblance to Godzilla) was being exploited (or at least it seemed unfortunate in a way that an exploited large dragon might make one feel) by a circus-type operation. He was being forced (by means I was unable to determine) to rollerskate in a motorcycle stunt ball (very fast I might add) but he was given only the cheapest homemade rollerskates which were essentially 4x8 sheets of plywood with wheels attached by little more than nails.  A crash seemed unavoidable and I feared once one occured there would be no stopping the carnage unless the flimsy failing rollerskates were somehow cut free.
still here, unfortunately - Tuesday, September 26, 2000 at 08:28:00 (CDT)
I'm in a totally different room. The carpet is different, the windows are different. I wake up in "the fake room" and I start to float.....The floating is very realistic, and I'm aware that it's happening....I force myself to wake up, and I'm back in my real bed,etc. I'm a bit freaked out....I go back to sleep...I'm back in "the fake room, and once again I'm convinced its really my room...I wake up and there is a man standing in front of me---all i really see is the man's blured face------------I start sinking into an imaginary tunnel of colors, and shapes.............
reuben <rubydipper@aol.com>
MA USA - Monday, September 25, 2000 at 11:50:42 (CDT)
As i walked into work i noticed the ceiling was gone. Using two cranes and a giant black mesh like net the guys were scooping out the sky and putting it in a brown dumpster. Our top engineer was standing at the dumpster jotting down notes. When i approached he said "im trying to figure out how much money we can get for this shit."
evw <tideeyed@hotmail.com>
il usa - Sunday, September 24, 2000 at 19:53:30 (CDT)
ok, i was in a kichen with all my friends, and we had just smoked pot, and i said to everyone "did we eat yet", and they all looked at me and started laughing because we had just eaten, i was just so stoned that i didn't realize it. i guess this really isn't that funny, but it related to an actual experience earlier that night, see i had just started becoming sick that evening, i had a small cold, and i was eating a harvest burger and talking to my friend NIck, and i had all of th ecandles on my coffee table lit, and i blew them all out, then like 10 seconds later i said to him "How did all those candles go out?" i just didn't remember blowing them out, and he was like, "Wow, what's wrong with you, you ARE sick!", and it made me think that that's how i am when i am high. i don't know...
adam <adamemo@aol.com>
ma usa - Thursday, September 21, 2000 at 10:11:33 (CDT)
I constructed a pile of Tuesday in your backyard. Ironic lightsabers persuade
Whiskey Nick
Minneapolis, MN US - Wednesday, September 20, 2000 at 00:57:30 (CDT)
This isn't really a dream, but maybe it is if all our lives are really just the dream of a sleeping giant. It was my new friend Brad's 21st birthday. Him and his boyfriend Ben were carousing. The 5-0 came creepin'. Ben yelled at the cops, calling them white trash, and hos. Ben got put in the squad car, giving a pair of jeans he'd been carrying around to my new friend Mandy. Brad ran out, yelled "I love you Ben!" and immediatly started vomiting. It's fucking poetic.
Abam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
Minneaspolis, MN Annartica - Tuesday, September 19, 2000 at 22:19:31 (CDT)
I was a dream...I couldn´t get dream in my own dream...so I woke up and I was in hell again
Daniel <rrmeat@hotmail.com>
SP Brazil - Monday, September 18, 2000 at 01:07:32 (CDT)
i dreamt that i put together a christian rock group and was in a recording studio...johnny rotten was guesting on one track, and was singing about no longer being an anti-christ and how much he loved jesus. then i woke up.
neil p. howlett <neilphowlett@aol.com>
ma u.s.a. - Sunday, September 17, 2000 at 08:46:13 (CDT)
My sister and I were standing on the right side of the performance with angled cornrows of tall microphones directly in front of us. The drummer for the Hang Ups was playing solo Built to Spill on an orange-casted stage with polished warm wooden floors…flipped his drumstick into the air, I thought, he's going to miss it. He did, but I knew he'd catch it on the 2nd go 'round.
EMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN - Monday, September 04, 2000 at 01:51:00 (CDT)
i have a recurring dream...I am at a payphone dialing 911 and it doesn't matter what I do the number won't go through. I desperately redial, and redial, and redial knowing time is running out . Fear is imminent, it is dark and I know that someone is coming after me. I stay by the payphone paralyzed in fear and anxiety redialing 911 with no success. Each time the phone resets itself. I dream of this until I wake up
kedma <kedmab@hotmail.com>
co usa - Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 16:03:26 (CDT)
i have a recurring dream...I am at a payphone dialing 911 and everything I do the number won't go through. I desperately redial, and redial, and redial knowing time is running out . Fear is imminent, it is dark and I know that someone is coming after me. I stay by the payphone paralyzed in fear and anxiety redialing 911 with no success. Each time the phone resets itself. I dream of this until I wake up
kedma <kedmab@hotmail.com>
co usa - Sunday, September 03, 2000 at 16:01:36 (CDT)
A couple nights ago I had this dream that I was kissing one of my best guy friends! I didn't think i had a crush on him but now I'm doubting. Could any of you help me understand this? -lindsay
Lindsay <DramaQueen006@aol.com>
OH USA - Sunday, August 27, 2000 at 23:02:47 (CDT)
In lieu of weekly meetings, discussions have taken place with separate functional areas regarding target agenda items. City Center, top floor, sitting in an office chair facing John R. William in an airy room, glass walls. Think I see Sam walking by, no not her, while I am trying to pick out the best stone bear figurine for him, something solid, useful and beautiful. He is facing the table against the wall bent over, going through the advertising/promotions budget. Shirt untucked, hanging open in the back… warm back, my front hand strokes and holds him up. I think it's french blue. Discuss and outline solution strategies surrounding current and pending challenges with profitability levels and fall plan EBIT objectives. He and I will continue to meet weekly to discuss and research on-going product performance analysis, its applications, and direction. I think I chose a white bear. Foreheads together, he points to my nose and feels embarrassed that he had commented on it at all. Remains sitting close across from me though.
EMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN - Friday, August 18, 2000 at 17:10:05 (CDT)
travelling on a bus with some passengers,passed through large contruction buildings, saw new buildings, crossing the river, then passed through a mountain full of small stones, a size of an egg, all in the same size, stones are in black and white. the passengers has to clear the stones to let the bus passed. at the next stop, someone sat on the chair telling the passengers about a plane has crashed.the crashed took place in london or somewhere that area. the plane was carrying musicians from north africa.so we went closer to the airpot, observing from a higher place,we were looking down at the airport.saw people panicking and crying,wearing white clothes.these are the foreigners.saw british police with blue or slighly black colour uniforms looking after the foreigners,one fat old man in brown traditional clothes try to passed through the police line but were sent back by the police,his son was one of the passenger. others also tried to get to the line and the police send them back again.then it started a big fight between the families of the passengers and the police.....
kamel <baata@ihug.co.nz>
ack new zealand - Friday, August 11, 2000 at 14:50:58 (CDT)
I was a gangster that was gunned down by my arch rivals. I was on the ground. My face was very hot. Lying face down in a playground, I heard one gunman ask the other if I was shot in the head or the face. Playing dead and realising that there was warm blood all over my head, I hoped they would be satisfied with what they did abd leave. "Uh, I think I only got him in the head." The second gunman who seemed to be in charge of the whole scene said to give me one more "pop" right square in the face so I am not recognisable. "Shit." I thought. then all of a sudden, I felt a huge slam in the face that wasn't at all painful. The next moment, everything went from pitch black to a slow motion overview of myself and the two thugs who whacked me. I floated slowly but surely, higher and higher. Snow dropped as I rose. I was fully aware of what was going on. The moment got so intense, I had to wake up. So I died in my dream. Yet, I still live. maybe I should pay off those gambling debts....
K.K. Hodgins <hodgins@air.on.ca>
ON Canada - Tuesday, August 01, 2000 at 22:15:33 (CDT)
I dreamed I saw D. Boon last night, alive as you or me. I said "I had a feeling you were 15 years gone". He said that he had never died.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
- Wednesday, July 19, 2000 at 15:50:14 (CDT)
- Thursday, July 13, 2000 at 10:44:41 (CDT)
i was a small child again, perhaps five or six. i was being told by a tall, authoritative figure who wasn't my father (or anyone else i know, for that matter) that if i didn't brush my teeth three times a day with the right amount of toothpaste i would proceed to lose them one by one, slowly but surely until i had a mouth full of gums and tongue like some of the more fervent members of the michigan militia that tim loftus is so scared of. i held out my toothbrush since i was apparently too inexperienced to be trusted with the responsibility of loading it up with the proper amount of paste, and the man squeezed out a squirt the size of a stick of pepperoni. it somehow all fit on my brush, and i stood and stared at it for a brief moment, wondering how on earth i was ever going to fit all that in my mouth. the bathroom got dark and shadowy, and the man insisted again that i had to brush my teeth with that monstrous toothbrush RIGHT AWAY. i stood there with a half-witted smile on my face, trying not to cry, feeling the teeth begin to come loose in my mouth, but unable to make my mouth open or force the brush in without beginning to gag. i woke up soon after that, confused as all hell. whether this dream is a phallic metaphor or simply a flashback to childhood insecurities and feelings of helplessness is something i still haven't figured out.
maria <delzoppo@msu.edu>
mi. this one - Friday, July 07, 2000 at 16:16:50 (CDT)
there was a new extreme sport sweeping the country. kids would take razors and would put them inside opaque bars of soap. showering became extreme because they were constantly risking greivous bleeding. there was a lot of bleeding and cheering and bleached hair. there was probably mountain dew, that fucking piss water.
travis bursik <bursik@hotmail.com>
mo - Tuesday, June 27, 2000 at 01:05:21 (CDT)
A column theater of my numbers, and all have changed. In aisles by seats that are being transferred into AGS. He’s speaking of a project in the garage at this terminal with a headset on. Some of them are cut off in the screen area. A lot of yellows and pinks… Some stems break, but I get new ones. They are singing the line “If you want to be a good girl, get yourself a bad boy.” I am face to face with him. He is younger than me, and I think I asked him how old he was, I think he answered, or I knew that he was 21. I tell him that I am 27. Then I just decide to kiss him on the neck, and I go in for it…I am enjoying it all.
EMeghan <meghan146>
mn - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 23:51:41 (CDT)
A column theater of my numbers, and all have changed. In aisles by seats that are being transferred into AGS. He’s speaking of a project in the garage at this terminal with a headset on. Some of them are cut off in the screen area. A lot of yellows and pinks… Some stems break, but I get new ones. They are singing the line “If you want to be a good girl, get yourself a bad boy.” I am face to face with him. He is younger than me, and I think I asked him how old he was, I think he answered, or I knew that he was 21. I tell him that I am 27. Then I just decide to kiss him on the neck, and I go in for it…I am enjoying it all.
EMeghan <meghan146>
mn - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 23:51:40 (CDT)
Sweet little drummer boy, sittin' in a dress, hands me his 7" singles and a skeleton key. Cha, cha cha-- bein' watched by the player behind the mirror.
usa - Thursday, June 22, 2000 at 08:13:55 (CDT)
I saw Dave Pirner on the bus. If you dont' remember who he is, he is in Soul Asylum. I think they mostly play county fairs now. But in the dream he was wearing sunglasses and he had a white cane, and said "I have no money". He was faking it to ride for free. C'mon over to my frat, you fuckin' chump! Delta Tau! Knock on my door. I'll knock on your head!
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
- Wednesday, June 21, 2000 at 16:20:40 (CDT)
In semi-consciousness and heard her underneath my bedroom floor…"Noooooooo, I'm not ready for the coyotes yet!"
usa - Friday, June 16, 2000 at 09:35:07 (CDT)
dreamt me and my friend peter were chased up a grassy hill by some jerk with a shotgun. I was running as fast as possible, but, as it often is in dreams, my fast wasn't fast enough. I ran in slow motion and I think my unlaced boots slowed me down an extra bit. The guy with the gun finally got us and demanded our money. He was a little rat-faced son of a bitch dressed in aTJ Maxx mix of goth/gangster/b-boy. He had some long plasticy black jacket on. His face was vague and pinched like an albino rat with no sense. I pulled out my wallet and began to separate the cash from the receipts. He was very impatient and grabbed it all. Later, once he left, I chastised myself for not knocking the gun out of his possession and tag teaming his punk ass. Not really the most interesting dream, but I haven't recalled any dream in so long that this will have to do.
tony <tonymog@hotmail.com>
mn artichokes - Friday, June 09, 2000 at 11:11:09 (CDT)
I dreamt that I pulled a spear out of a lucky mans side.
Or Sometimes - Thursday, June 08, 2000 at 23:23:49 (CDT)
One evening I drank 12 cups of coffee and fell immediately into a fitfUl and Uneasy sleep. I dreamt I was in a rowboat on the ocean with tim loftus, matthewb fields, salmon rUshdie (he had the head of a fish), and a giant talking cigarette (or was that loftus?). The boat had a hole in the bottom, was taking on water, bUt seemed not to be sinking nearly fast enough. fields was speaking with a severe lisp, repeating over and again a children's rhyme made more horrible by his impediment: "shishter shushie shat on a sheeshell. shishter shushie shat on a sheeshell." loftUs was speaking on the finer points of speaking on the finer points, the heretical fish-writer looking on, and I, poor wretch, frantically scanned the horizon for sign of land, ship, or solace, none of which I spied. "Ye gods! Sink, oh sink this rickety skiff!" I cried, attempting to bail the very ocean into the boat. I awoke to the soUnd of a pilfered loUdon Wainwright CD. I had peed myself.
Rev.Calvin Nilsson <oldroger@earthlink.net>
CA - Wednesday, June 07, 2000 at 13:30:55 (CDT)
a scary alien was sitting next to me on the curb outside my house...i was SO scared of it, i ran and got a hammer and hit the alien on the back of its head. this oozy, blue green liquid began to pour from the spot i hit and it trickled over the curb and down the storm drain mext to it. as it ran out the alien became smaller and smaller -- as if the oozy blue was basically him and he just kept pouring down the drain, until he was no more.
mars - Friday, June 02, 2000 at 03:11:42 (CDT)
After an evening of fine dining, many cocktails, and lively entertainment at Nikki’s piano bar, my sister and I came to the decision to forgo seeing Elliot Smith/The Minders at 1st Ave…fell into a ½ hour cat nap after arriving home. A policeman walks by and is looking in my car and talking to me. He tries to reach in and touch my right side… I am ticklish and feel a bit vulnerable. He tries to get in , but Gary Oldman had come in the middle and came before the decision. Cut to myself signing a contract in a kitchen with Derrick’s signature on it. Part of where his name should have been typed in has been whited out and he signed his name so the last name was first. He is this man on a horse, hunting these people with bow and arrow. He sports these white gloves too. For everyone that he kills he shoots arrows to signify how many of them are left. It goes down from 4 to 1. The deaths are brutal . It is the last man and he is running up these stairs and Derrick, the man on the hoarse, is after him. I remember thinking he has bed-hair, or fuck-me hair. I see him from a distance and am worried.
EMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
mn - Saturday, May 27, 2000 at 23:12:02 (CDT)
Received a letter, registered mail, with only my first name spelled en francais. I knew that my identity had finally been uncovered and all was understood. The address was penned in calligraphy, done up in ribbonesque spiraled black ink on yellowed parchment paper. I never read what the contents might portend inside, but the message remained clear nonetheless. I didn't want to give myself away…should have kept the shades drawn down to lie.
Shoegazin' Poplover
usa - Tuesday, May 23, 2000 at 09:57:40 (CDT)
There have been several dreams now where I am paging through long forgotten books that hold old photographs of my life tucked between the pages. The images capture moments past that never were, frozen in their importance...one is of me kissing him for the first time and the highlights in my hair seem important, beautifuly significant. Another picture shows us in a library, I sit across from him and he is writing unsteady, with two bluejays swaying in the iridescent breezes behind him, uncomfortable. Eventually the pictures give way to a true dream drama, when he sees me, his eyes coil in retract, so I tell him, " I don't want to have sex with you, I only want to love you." His eyes clear, the ego gaurds fall away and we embrace allowing the pure sweetness to once again flow......
usa - Monday, May 22, 2000 at 14:42:28 (CDT)
i awoke in a dream to realize a small cat had its teeth dug into the back of my ankle, ya know that achillies part, and i was kicking and watnot but it wouldnt let go. it hurt so bad i could feel it for like 10 seconds after i woke up. Then a week or so later it was the same dream but with a HUGE lioness chompin down on the same spot...but it didnt hurt as bad as the kitten. hmmm
evw <tideeyed@hotmail.com>
il usa - Friday, May 19, 2000 at 22:40:45 (CDT)
I am walking on a city street. Everything is shades of gray. It rains. People on the street don't talk to each other for fear of being accosted. It is a miserable place. Suddenly, bells toll. The skies clear. Color comes to everything around me. Two-thirds of the people disappear. Those of us left look at each other as if for the first time. We feel safe now. There is enough food and shelter for everyone. Kids can go out and play without fear of strangers because everyone looks out for each other. I get an impression of "cash register honesty," meaning now people are honest enough to correct a mistake at the register despite in whose favor the mistake is made. The bells toll louder, and a voice coming from everywhere announces, "The meek shall inherit the earth, the meek shall inherit the earth..." We rise up and soar over the city. I can see the green lawns of the park and the looks of joy on the other people.
- Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 13:22:54 (CDT)
I am living in a tent near a ravine in a dry plateau area. I live there with my father and brother. We live here because it is the only place around with water; a small river runs through the ravine and creates lush, small trees near our home. We are strangers, outcasts from our own people because my father committed a crime. The people we live here ride horses. My mother is dead. One day, I am swimming in the river when I see downstream a group of very pale people in lots of clothes camping and going into the river. I see one little girl swim toward a place I know is dangerous; it has a strong undercurrent that I know will carry her under. So I let my body go limp in the water, knowing the current will carry me to her. I catch her and return her to shore. I look up and all the pale people are staring at me, especially one man on a horse in a grey suit and hat. We fall in love and get married. I stay with his family, who has now built houses near the shore. The women sew and talk to each other, but I don't understand. I'm pregnant now, but my husband has to leave to fight and is killed. So, my father comes for me. He shows up at the pale people's place with our old horse and a cart for my things. We drive back to the ravine in silence. He is angry with me. We pull up to our home, he looks at my belly, and he says, "You have poisoned our entire nation."
- Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 13:14:54 (CDT)
my family was vacationing at a deceased filmaker's private resort. it rained most of the time. my dad called me out to look at this marsh, only it was a ruse. Moving over a little bit, my dad started rocking on the moist soil. He indicated for me to look down. He was rocking on a film canister, like a finished print, that had resurfaced from being buried. It occured to me that it was a presumably lost, or buried, artifact of the famous deceased filmaker. I never did get to sell it or look at it because I woke up. I've been watching a lot of videos recently cuz hollywood vido has this 99 cent sale here. I haven't personally been blackmailed or anything like that (yet). Oh, please tell me what does it all mean?
oh - Wednesday, May 17, 2000 at 00:48:02 (CDT)
we walk together into the old haunt, the bar that could as easily be a church, and really, pretty much is anyway. it's my last night alive. dunno how i know this, but there's no question that it's true, and moreover it's a common thing. so common it's like a birthday, no one makes a big deal about it unless you tell them it's coming; it's not like it's printed in the paper or anything. i see some old drinking buddies, but their faces are hazy and indistinct, as though the better you know someone, the sharper they appear. these smoking drinking folks are friendly but with no defining features, and we move on after nodding a hello. we find the people we've come to meet and sit down, and immediately my companion starts blabbing about her day, her work, her stuff. i start to feel left out because, after all, i'm going to die tomorrow. comes a lull in the conversation and i spill the beans. everyone's a little taken aback, like maybe i spoiled their fun. some tears, an awkward silence, then my lady friend goes back to monopolizing and i just want to be left alone to die in peace.
stanley b hamilton
- Monday, May 15, 2000 at 01:45:19 (CDT)
in a car along what would be the 14 freeway (locationally). no freeway, just cobblestone. lame scenery, weak trees. i would expect to be near fillmore, going to ventura. far west in my mind. stupid women cluttering up the beach like bo derek. but i wasn't there, instead really bland images of brooke shields neither inside the car or out. i could feel sorry for brooke shields and i wouldn't know why. no sex could account for the drive, just family motivation. uncomfortable next to my brother. my sister was probably hiding out under the seat. could have passed fillmore, but now i'm thinking north, california's western path will eventually lead you north, but i would just assume go through san jouqin valley at this rate. stupid cobblestone, like edward scissorhands stuff that i can't fully relate to, but i feel that i need to be at school, or near people. it's strange to think that it's late in the game. i've said: i don't think of abuse when i'm driving, i just look for things. i could certainly abuse anything. i'm not thinking of abuse. i'm certainly not driving, i'm just watching. i certainly need to be at school. i can't relate. the imagery is sorta something that i could come out of.
matt spellcheck <alethes1@aol.com>
CA United States - Monday, May 15, 2000 at 00:30:27 (CDT)
driving in los angeles, i'm making a left-hand turn across five lanes of traffic.the slowpoke in front of me won't turn so i'm forced to gridlock the intersection. i try to turn anyway but a horrific chain reaction occurs . vehicles smashed, injuries, carnage. i run into the restaurant and meet me friends, tell them the news. they're shocked. i run back outside to move my car and most of the other cars have already been ticketed and towed. mine is in a row of three, badly bashed in the median strip. as i run to the car the left front tire is like a huge glass bubble, behind which is a cat, terrifed & screaming, paws up over the head. curious i think but run to the car anyway. as i'm getting in realize that it's a woman, injured, forgotten, lost. i pick her up, she tells me her name is laura, she's badly ijured, spiky white hair, white t-shirt, bleeding. i look around and only then notice body parts sprinkled like glass shards: fingers, arms. i carry her inside to the friends' table. they want to help but are eating, so i take her to a private table.
stanley b hamilton
ca - Friday, May 05, 2000 at 11:37:18 (CDT)
steppin' in to eden / yea, brother i dreamt that the "space hippies" episode of star trek was restaged in my living room, with the following changes: 1) spock, who in the original episode did find common ground with the hippies even as they had taken control of the enterprise, acted differently this time around, disdainfully dismissing the shaggy space commies with lines like "yeah, whatever" and "get a space haircut" 2) kirk seemed to be explicitly aware that my living room was in fact not the bridge of the enterprise and seemed lost. toward the end of the dream, he had settled for a pattern of sitting in my leather armchair and clawing at the DVD remote control, barking orders to nobody in particular 3) scotty and uhura, dressed as garden variety poor people in tshirts that read "nike" and "do you yahoo?!" hurled racial epithets at each other from across the causeway of a dingy high-rise housing project, where both of them had ended up after the space hippies took over the government. somehow, we saw this play out on the "bridge display" (my tv) 4) the space hippie leader with the prosthetic cauliflower-shaped ears ate some poison fruit as he did in the original episode, but instead of falling over dead, he sat down and started making bleeping sounds with didnt stop until i shut off the alarm
shecky kinsey <schlomo@yahoo.com>
usa - Wednesday, May 03, 2000 at 12:45:40 (CDT)
In a next steps meeting across from Steve, while Matt is giving a slide presentation on the specs for the customer service project set to roll out in Q4. I've fallen asleep there and wake up to glance at the alarm clock, 8:43, thinking that I’m later than it is. Who paid for my dinner? It must have been Walt. Phone rings and I pretend like I don’t know that it’s Glenn in the black tee-shirt with “Weightless Chrysler Mercury” puff-painted raised in pink and blue. He attempts to be playful and act tough, “you don’t know who this fucking is?”… called to tell me there’s a Smattering show that wasn’t announced. I want to go, but think that it’s too late. I look down at my breast and find I’m able to open my left nipple and see into my chest, striated reddish muscles with white bone. I think there’s something connected to my heart and ribcage, like a pacemaker of sorts. I know then that I left my car there and have to go back to get it, to drive it home.
EMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN - Monday, May 01, 2000 at 19:30:11 (CDT)
i just had a dream about kittens... sleepy little kittens.
- Monday, May 01, 2000 at 09:05:12 (CDT)
To be unhonest this is a dream that my friend had dreamt. Or one that is too unusual for me to admit to or even to omit to. The night was late, and the puppies were sleeping. I had my usual nightcap of opiate based narcotics (a fuel to keep the dreamer inside me alive) My bass was out of tune and my computer was even more out of tune. I reached over for my tile, maybe a bic pen and some tin foil. Sex was in the air and in my bed. I was not alone. The dropper was full of my blood and my nose was full of dust. These are the moments that dreams feel that they are made of. Are they? Not really. Anyway, my sexual adventure had just begun. Luckily I had gained the strength to maintain an erection. A problem I had never had before throughout my life. Living throughout highschool masterbating at least 5 times daily. Today --Id feel happy to say I touched my genitals a month ago. The women, I believe it was women, Perhaps just a woman had grown quite aroused focusing on my bloodfilled member. (This was the part of the dream that reminded me of Swank or something) Grabbed ahold and went to town like she was in a Japanese tournament for Pac man. Well one thing let to another and before I knew it we were in my kitchen basting this turkey with orange juice. Syringes in her arm and a turkey baster in the bird. What had become of my life!1!! Ben Ben Ben Ben --I knew that voice oh too well. I had suddenly awoken--Its time for church! Oh my God the sheets were soaking wet--Had I been blessed by Jesus Christ to allow me to have a wet dream. Had the Lack of narcotics in my system given me the sweats. Anyways-I thanked the Lord that I had come too and grabbed a guitar (lets just say an L5) I have no idea what that means, but im sure John McLaughlin would? Does this sound familiar? We'll all be here at one point in our lives.. Love Always, To the dreams that keep us dreaming
B <macrovfo>
IL USA - Monday, May 01, 2000 at 05:42:53 (CDT)
I dreamt that Sin Ropas was playing my hometown and I would be able to see some old friends in a new band. But I awoke and realized it was not to be...HY Guys
colby <colbyspath@yahoo.com>
LA U.S.Fuckin'A! - Thursday, April 20, 2000 at 12:36:19 (CDT)
Thousands of Nosferatus, walking in line on the floor of the New York Stock exchange. They walk towards each other, but then sort of melt into each other. The horrah.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
- Friday, April 14, 2000 at 16:47:41 (CDT)
I was hanging out with my Dad's best freind, which was uncomfortable seeing as how my father is dead. He lived in our house and in all the drawers and cabinets were mini moogs. Hundreds of them. He would give me one, or maybe I didn't ask, but it was of no significance because we had some fishing to do.
Tom <elko0003@tc.umn.edu>
MN - Tuesday, April 11, 2000 at 12:34:45 (CDT)
Dreamt of my biological father (of whom I have no knowledge), he is a Hispanic man of short and stocky stature. His nature/vocation is that of a thief, drug dealer and philanderer. I am in a house with his 3 sons, my brothers. The man is hunting a blonde woman who has stolen his cash and dope. He envisions her sliding beneath the undergrowth running parallel to a waterfall. He feels his hands wishing to mash her face into the dirt, choking, smothering, finally killing her. He sets up a meeting at a familiar bar, per her request, and she sidles up to him, stripper-style, and sets 2 glasses of clear water on the linoleum floor. She thinks she's hidden the coke and bills in the glasses, out of the view of the other patrons and him. The tumblers are clear though, and anyone can see what lies between them. He incites an argument and both engage in a heated debate. Their words suddenly come to an end, and they look to the ground at their feet… the deliverables are gone.
EMeghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, April 10, 2000 at 08:19:17 (CDT)
At seven this morning, after a night out of drinking pints of Guinness, I was rudely awoken by the innane chatter of the all news station. Immediately my body went into action, slamming my hand down on the snooze button. I turned on my side and closed my eyes, falling back into the depths of sleep. In this state I witnessed the most amazing sunrise I've ever seen, the entire sky, from horizon to as far as the eye could see, was engulfed in a nuclear explosion of almost flourescent orange and red. I stood and walked barefoot from my bed into a plush, bright green field of lazily sloping grassy hills. I walked slowly, without direction, basking in the warmth and beauty. Then my alarm went off again, and I was quickly brought back to the real world. Filled with noise.
Kevin <kidsantiago@yahoo.com>
ON Canada - Friday, April 07, 2000 at 15:22:15 (CDT)
i don't know how unusual this dream was, but it was pretty damned disturbing! i dreamt, last night, that i was in an episode of "Fraser". it seemed, at times, that i was niles, the prissy brother. at other times, i was myself. fraser and i had opened some kind of up-scale gift shop, and there was something wrong with our business acumen, because we'd screwed ourselves and alienated our potential clientele. i was smoking a cigar (which i normally don't do, and, yes, i know the freudian implications), which i gave to fraser to hold while i tried to fix some kind of merchandise display. he put my cigar out on the floor, which pissed me off. he seemed apologetic, as he did this unthinkingly, but i still told him he had to buy me a new cigar, because i had a vague sense that it was a really expensive stogie. oh yeah, daphnie moon, the homecare worker, was there, and i was rather attracted to her (which fits the niles persona). i think i'm watching far too much tv, coupled with a slight head-cold. how the hell does someone dream that they're in a sitcom. what a fucking nightmare!
christian <chjordan@watarts.uwaterloo.ca>
ON Canada - Friday, April 07, 2000 at 13:33:06 (CDT)
I have a dream of a skinny-assed, straggly white boy thinking he's got a clue or a following. See him basking in the ecstacy of building a little corner on the web? At least, learn to sing so the nightmare can end. Loosin' and boozin' nowhere to go..... sad, getting old, man.... barfly. That's gotta hurt.
dick <lickmybig_1@yahoo.com>
ill - Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 11:16:10 (CST)
Dreamt an Easter sunday & I was at some family gathering in a west side apt. Tim R. spoke animatedly of his latest homebrew beer, whipped up to serve at the next RRM show. Excused his temper at the jan. Lounge Ax show: the gtr. sound was skronky & his Texan-Polish heritage overwhelmed him. The homebrew was going to make the next show perfect, tho. It'd lay waste to the previous standard: feb. '99 RRM show, when Ben M. made the homebrew. Someone rapped a drum fill against the back door, telling me to wake up. Melatonin left me dazed, struggling to open my eyes. Woke to an echo of Dowser running through my head: bleed it dry feels like home.
SK <glitto@wwa.com>
IL USA - Wednesday, March 29, 2000 at 09:12:31 (CST)
I was flying backwards as I had to be someplace. I think god was behind it, sending me to my fate. I flew into some Old West tourist town. As I flew backwards, I recognized the "Thank you for visiting, y'all come back now y'hear" sign from a picture in an old book. I knew that I had to fight some cowboy who was evil. Perhaps he was Old Scratch himself. I went in a Saloon and sucked down a couple. The drinks tasted and looked just like cream soda, but got me really drunk. The cowboy came in as I was knocking back the last one, however, the drink did a number on me, and I passed out, waking up an hour later to discover the cowboy was gone. But I knew he'd be back, so I waited, but then I woke up. So I never got to take that asshole DOWN. When I woke up I had my brass knuckles on and had knocked out all of my teeth, save a molar in the back. I dream real cute too.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 20:19:52 (CST)
Riding in the passenger seat as BT is driving my car. Cruising down Baker Rd., over the RR crossing by St. Davids. We take a right turn on to Mtka. Boulevard. I look ahead through the windshield and say, 'you think because I drive this kind of car that I'm a certain type of girl'. Our fingers are laced together, palms facing, right-to-right hand, my arm crossed over to meet his. Fearful of the response, I slightly pull my fingers away. The gearshift on the steering wheel is moved by us both to songs I recorded for--by him…one gear/song is clearly marked with my name. I now feel at ease with him, as he, BT, reminds me of Ben V. -Town & Country, so I bring our digits back together. He smiles and speaks easily 'well…it's a nice car'.
Meghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 13:31:45 (CST)
I was at a family reunion and my father was showing 8mm films of himself as a young man. For the most part he was driving around on a really small Honda motorcycle. There was his voice narrating the films. He was saying things like "although I wasn't that popular, I still got some tail when I was in need". He kinda looked like Neil Young (late 60's Neil) and appeared to be drinking tall cans of Bud on the motorcycle. When questioned about is he said "those where different times". J.Kay.
Jeremy Kay <Jakay@hotmail.com>
NO Canada - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 06:33:30 (CST)
I was at a family reunion and my father was showing 8mm films of himself as a young man. For the most part he was driving around on a really small Honda motorcycle. There was his voice narrating the films. He was saying things like "although I wasn't that popular, I still got some tail when I was in need". He kinda looked like Neil Young (late 60's Neil) and appeared to be drinking tall cans of Bud on the motorcycle. When questioned about is he said "those where different times". J.Kay.
Jeremy Kay <Jakay@hotmail.com>
NO Canada - Monday, March 13, 2000 at 06:33:08 (CST)
It was in my house, but the face of the house was gone and both floors were exposed to the street. There was a party going on, though small, orgy-esque though pretty tame. All those in attendence were familiar and I must say that most of you look really great naked. Then this big yellow truck with a roll-up door backed right up to my house like it was a shipping dock. The door went up and there was a simlilar number of people in the truck, though none familiar. A few of them jumped into the house saying things like " I just need to use the phone" and "I just need to use the bathroom". Then, this opie-haired chucklehead started drilling me with all of these personal questions and I started to get a little defensive and then I just got angry. I tried to give the guy a warning and a chance to leave or there was going to be war. I tell him I'm calling the cops, but it's implied that they're part of my army. At first, he tried to grab the phone by pulling the cord, but I let him have that phone and tell him I have FIVE others. The truck pulled out and they threw a massive box of fireworks onto Belmont. I quickly pushed a button and a door closed covering the exposed part of the house. The sound of battle is heard. Then I open the door and the street is on fire. I yell "Help" (this is verified by the girl sleeping next to me at the time, and I also appeared to be running in my sleep) and grab my favorite pair of pants to put the fires out with. It's clear there is no water, so others followed me, naked, onto Belmont and we smoldered the fire with pee. A fire truck and the police showed up, but the fire was out. I pointed down the street to the yellow truck fleeing West down Belmont and the police pursued. I woke up. I dream cute.
Tim Loftus
Il U.S.A. - Friday, March 10, 2000 at 18:19:39 (CST)
I pull up to an old loves family home. I park the car on the wrong side of the street, facing the wrong way. Through the window of his old bedroom I can see rows of plates that his mother has lit up and put on display-this is odd. Every part of the house has been painted blue and the living room picture window has been replaced with a flat screen tv that faces out into yard. There are moving images on it, so large, I can't make sense of what they are. I only see pink,light blue and tan abstractions. Across the street where houses once were there is now a lake. The water is white-capped and choppy and the wind is wildly blowing the bare trees. I wonder why has parents have blocked the lake view with a television. I go inside and there are people everywhere, milling about. I find his old bedroom easily. A dark haired seventies version of Bob Dylan is kneeling on the floor. His elbows are on the bed, proping his head up and he is surveying the party through the open door. He begins cutting fluffy tobacco into lines on a tray as if it were cocaine. He chops up three lines, 2 of the lines are very fine and the other still has large strings of tobacco in it. I sense that he is ill as he lays down on the floor next to a painting. His eyes are closed and he is slowly moving the paintbrush over the canvas, blind. He tells me that this is that strange time of night when he starts to feel terrible because he is not asleep safe in bed like all of the good people who live safe clean little lives. I pick up a white guitar and tell him that I must leave to take a moon bath. Outside there is a huge full moon setting into the lake. I float on my back in the water playing music. I can't remember the sound of the music itself, I only remember the intensely beautiful feelings that filled me while playing it.
T.S. <keter373@hotmail.com>
MN usa - Wednesday, March 08, 2000 at 11:06:54 (CST)
I just have one image from my dreams last night. It was at Niagra Falls, not the falls themselves, but that huge stretch of turbulent water before the falls. There was a boat on some rocks in the water. The whole scene filled me with dread, it seemed like some awful metaphor. For what, I do not know.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, March 06, 2000 at 12:28:44 (CST)
Floating above the trees in a boat as I say farewell to my old highschool friend Kelly Steinberg, thinking that she and I will not be able to touch hands before we part. But just as I am about to set sail, our fingers catch each others as I leave, a way of speaking our good-byes. I graze the branch of a fragrant tree with indigo flowers and move up into my grandmother's backyard. I find my uncle standing in the grass with arms crossed. Out of the sky a WWII Nazi airplane nose dives in front of me. I am unafraid, as I am aware the it's not "real" in the sense that it is a hologram of some sort. I try to maneveur upwards, and as I do, the propeller is headed straght towards me in my boat. I think "It can't touch me...I can pass through it".
Meghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN USA - Saturday, March 04, 2000 at 20:30:03 (CST)
Standing in line at the center of a crowded restaurant in front of a table raised on a platform/stage and waiting to talk to him. He is seated at the head of the table, finished with his meal and alone. There is short dark-haired girl in front of me with a white postcard similar to the one I am holding. It is my turn and I sit on his left side in a chair at the table and ask him out for coffee sometime. He takes the foil from my cigarette pack and writes his phone number on the paper-side. It is a St. Paul area code of 651. He says ok...just to talk...I repeat his reply, feeling put off...just to talk. He says that he just wants to relax and have fun. He sits behind me and pushes my cheeks in fish-face fashion and does the same to himself. He is now on the other side of the waist-high dining table and he leans over, as do I, as we meet in the across the middle and kiss.
Meghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN USA - Tuesday, February 29, 2000 at 18:11:22 (CST)
A bat was flying around outside of my window. It really wanted to get in. It then flew through the window, without breaking it, perhaps it was a ghost bat. It bit off my thumb. As my friend Peter says "I'm glad I don't see a shrink who analyzes dreams, or I'd be locked up right now".
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USSR - Sunday, February 27, 2000 at 21:23:21 (CST)
I was driving a blue car. Older like a '67 car. Drove to a house located at a crossroads/intersection. Only one house on one corner. Cars parked outside. I enter the house. I am greeted by all my dead relatives. We share hugs and laughter and surprise. Grandmother asks what i am doing here. I say I want to stay with them. She says "You can't stay here because it's not your time". Leaving the house was the hardest thing i ever did. Then i woke up.
Miche <flectonbigsky@hotmail.com>
Canada - Wednesday, February 23, 2000 at 10:34:15 (CST)
MY dream began with myself and two other guys trying to fly the thing inside a Grandfather clock you know the thing that ticks back and forth well anyway, a plane was taking us up and dropping up but we could never get the thing to fly then i say "Just remember how Einstein did it" then the dream cut to Einstein ticking back and forth inside a Grandfather Clock then i woke.
Charles <gonk@home.com>
GA USA - Monday, February 21, 2000 at 00:54:45 (CST)
i can only remember one thing about the dream: Roxane. And not the Police song either, the wife of Alexander the Great.
david <dhbilton>
ont Canada - Sunday, February 20, 2000 at 00:33:37 (CST)
Captain Hook sliced Grimmace's big purple belly open with one clean swing. It made Ronald McDonald cry and it made me pee myself. I was eight.
Tom <elko0003@tc.umn.edu>
MN usa - Friday, February 18, 2000 at 14:48:26 (CST)
On the road...run into a filthy-looking little dirty boy who is being taken by a police officer to the impound lot. The boy mistook the male cop for a woman and addressed him as "ma'am". So the cop took the dirty boy's collection of beat up rusty Broncos & Blazers, with words spray painted on them like Venus and Mercury.
Meghan <meghan146@hotmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, January 31, 2000 at 16:56:44 (CST)
it's extremely rare that i remember my dreams so i'll just add a wish... another RRM album.
- Thursday, January 27, 2000 at 23:46:47 (CST)
Vere are you Mouunt Everesst? I have been there far too many times, with Sweety Pie playing. Those days are behind me now, but the memories are still in the front.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Wednesday, January 26, 2000 at 12:32:59 (CST)
i actually don't have a dream right now because i've been sleeping badly the last few nights and i didn't get on here early in the morning the other day like i should have so that i could record for posterity the details of my first sex dream but i wanted to very quickly bitch at the guy who has not one not two not even three but four copies of his fairly long dream that are clogging up the airways so to speak. c'mon tristan i mean you've got the sexiest name imaginable but did you have to make it so frickin' hard to get down to the nitty gritty of the unusual dreams page? you're interfering with the one enjoyable part of my existance that doesn't involve alcohol and nitrus. and i'm beginning to feel like i need some of the above right about now...
maria <delzoppo@msu.edu>
MI the land of the free - Tuesday, January 25, 2000 at 17:47:50 (CST)
a little tooki tooki goin to-it to him looki' on a little little tooki goin' to him it's a not digga not nae he weduh like he'll get me mema run to-it they had to is then he put sutthin to it takun a jo to-it that's nobody to-it I mean pawdi di get to-it she got got got glasses she could look to-it to get something to in to-it to a to a got in to-it to a duck to-it
aram <cccp@ussr.gov>
Robatya - Monday, January 24, 2000 at 19:49:22 (CST)
Was riding in a car on the highway. An album from the early seventies was being played on the radio. It was mellow,warm tones. The cover of the album was oversaturated fireplace/basement colors like red and and brown. Faded colors. The song was about the soul dying and meeting the Lord, sung in first person as kind of a rhode-sy r&b number. There was one other car on the highway. It had a forty foot tall puppet coming out of it. The puppet was singing the song and showing all the facial expressions that went along with the song. I realized that I was dreaming but was able to coninue dreaming with my eyes wide open.
tony <tonymog@hotmail.com>
mn usa - Monday, January 24, 2000 at 11:36:21 (CST)
My house no longer had any furniture. I also had no legs. I had taken all of the vent covers off so I could get up and down stairs via a rope that hung in the ducts. Everyone came over to the house and no one even noticed my legs were gone. Everything was completely normal to them. I also had a television that was sitting in the fireplace. Lisa sat and watched the book review channel. I think she was watching the reviewer act out a scene from the Charles Lindberg biography. The only other channel we recieved was one that showed you how to build your own computer.
bill <bill@kingwho.com>
mn usa - Monday, January 17, 2000 at 20:28:37 (CST)
A friend and I have been driving north for hours. We are tired and pull off at an old shabby road side motel, I know this place. Everything is paved,right up to the woods, except for an oval area of grass in front of the main building. We check in and are shown our room. When the door opens, we see an elderly couple sleeping on our beds and wonder how this arrangement will work. I step back outside and see Brian Tighe from The Hangups and my father, on riding lawn mowers, cutting the grass in crazy random patterns. I stand watching. Brian stops the mower and approaches me, he excitedly announces that in the spring he will be going to the Barbary Coast. I have an immediate feeling of doom and ask him if he knows anything about this place. I'm looking into his eyes and they are cold. I decide to lay on my side in the freshly cut grass, looking up, I tell him not to go, if he does he will surely die, I know this. I'm looking into his eyes trying to read him, he is so distant,and doesn't want me to crush his excitement. I run back to the motel room and splash water on my face, the thought of his death is too much. Steve Ittner (also from The Hangups) walks by with my friend and tells me that that the dough is ready for kneading. I walk back outside, they are still mowing crazily. I implore everyone to leave this place and ask them to continue driving with me to the northshore. I wake up crying.
Tristan <keter369@hotmail.com>
mn usa - Thursday, January 13, 2000 at 11:16:03 (CST)
I was in my friend's basement/my band's practice space, which for some reason was in Austin, MN, aka Spamtown USA. There were all these little kids playing chess there. They didn't actually know how to play, but just moved the pieces around and said "CHECK MATE!" each time. They were getting pretty fierce, and I was expecting them to start throwing the pieces at each other but they never did. They were all wearing these big purple glowing rings. I think that came from "Pimps Up, Ho's Down", which I was watching before bed. Actually the whole dream maybe came from the White Russians I had before bed. My friend John called me and I told him this dream, thereby remembering it. He told me he had coffee ring stains on his chest, and was going to the doctor. It turned out to be a fungus. I think that was actually more unusual than the dream.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN - Monday, January 10, 2000 at 17:48:45 (CST)
Red Red Meat were about to play a show at my school, and for some reason I wanted to take pictures (I'm not the kind of person who brings cameras to shows - but I suppose this was such a grand occasion that I simply had to have one); I ran around trying to find some film, and then the school turned into Jewel Osco. Some army guys ransacked the store and I hid behind the make- up counter. I then made a break for it and leapt into the air, hurdling pyramids of paper towel rolls, just wanting to get to the show. I arrived during soundcheck and then woke up, so I never got to see the show. I always have horrific nightmares about missing or arriving late to shows, but this one (kind of) turned into reality when I missed Red Red Meat last week because it WASN"T ALL AGES!
Sara Stone <MommaCooley@Bangkok.com>
IL USA - Monday, January 10, 2000 at 13:30:05 (CST)
2. we rob a bank and run with a white garbage bag full of money. we go into an unfurnished apartment in ravenswood and i hide everyone and the money in an empty bedroom and shut the door. the police come in and i cant remember what i say but they leave without looking in the bedroom and say that they are coming back soon. i go into the bedroom and everyone is rolling around in the money and ther are about a dozen mexican kids singing and laughing. there are streamers and confetti and we are all bathing in cash and laughing. i leave the bedroom to check on the cops and poke my head outside. i'm in addison and there's a war going on. i dodge cannonfire and bombs and bullets and jump on a honda 3-wheeled all terrain vehicle and swerve across suburban lawns trying to find an open garage door and a gas can.
IL - Wednesday, December 15, 1999 at 14:19:37 (CST)
1. i see Candy in the wet scrubby woods near salt creek and lake street. brown water and faint smell of car exhaust drying my throat. drawn into her i pull up her sleeve and put my hand around her wrist i think about her legs and her back and her skin and her scars and remember how bad i loved her. i hold her close , she grabs my face and smiles, i bury my face in her hair and breathe, she grabs my hand and we start walking. -we're going home-, she says. we come to a suburban house and go upstairs into a bedroom and there is a dark huge man in a wheelchair with a brace holding his head up drooling covered in piss and shit with severe cerebral palsy, straining to say anything, face twitching into a quick smile and rolling his teary eyes whacking himself in the face everytime he tries to lift his arm. i'm standing in the doorway staring trying not to breathe through my nose and not knowing what to say. candy says -i'll be right back-. before i can ask a question she's gone. everything in the room is brown plaid and off-white, crusty and wet. he is struggling to look at me. i'm trying to read his expressions but they come and go in constant flailing waves; embarassed to angry to smile to sad and broken ,intelligent cynical to dumb vegitation. i feel like he has a working functioning brain and is aware of everything. i untie his shoes and pull off his wet pants and shorts. i unbutton his shirt and walk down the hall into the bathroom and fill the tub with warm water. wheel him into the bathroom. he's grunting and i'm already feeling his weight as i'm pushing the chair. he's at least twice my size .i see his scalp through his greasy black hair and see the sweat on the back of his neck and sloping shoulders dripping down the back of the wheelchair. the tub is low, thank god, and built into the blue and white tile. i pull his feet over the ledge and into the water and nudge the rest of him inch by inch to the edge of the chair until a huge loping spasm like a sledgehammer wails upon him and throws him with his bones knocking and flesh slapping against the cold bathroom floor . low moans, with his feet still in the water. i lock my arms under his and lift with my legs. up onto the ledge and push him over into the water. his head cracking against the tile wall .splashing with his hands he seems to be getting bigger every minute and i'm sweating and soaked. i take a rag and start to wash him. he groans and spits. i look into his face and i know he wants to say something. i avoid his eyes and go back to my work. there's a stirring downstairs and i go towards it. a middle aged couple walk in. the man turns on a huge tv in the middle of the front room and the woman turns on a tv in the kitchen. -are you candy's family?- i ask the man. -well no ..yes..- he says. i go into the kitchen and the woman is nodding into the phone -hmm-. i approach her slow like i dont want to scare her away -hi , i was waiting for candy, is she coming back soon?- she looks at me and smiles and pours me a bowl of cheerios and milk and puts it on the table. she puts her hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and says -thank you-. and goes back to the phone nodding and humming. i watch the cereal get soggy and say to her loudly -Are you candy's family, when is she coming back cuz i really have to leave,,?- she says -we're her inlaws go talk to bob upstairs.- . - Who's bob? - she ignore's me....-Who's bob?-i repeat. -Bob's upstairs, our son bob...candy's husband bob, you know...go upstairs, you need to watch him , it's his cereal time...thank's honey.-

IL - Wednesday, December 15, 1999 at 14:07:13 (CST)
It started one day when i was listening to Fleetwood Mac's "The Dance." All of a sudden i realized that i needed a Rhiannon in my life. Then i remembered that i did. Although her name is spelled Rheannon, it's the same thing. So i went up to Rheannon and told her how much i liked her and we lived happily ever after.

- Friday, December 10, 1999 at 09:36:05 (CST)
ok here's the deal. i was somewhere that i've never been before. this happens to me all the time after i've been out of town for a while. in a way it's creepy but in another way it's nice to not be constantly dreaming about the inside of my house or some other familiar place. i was with my uncle ben and my brother nick and keith. if you know who these people are then you probably know me, so hi! anyway, we were eating some of my uncle ben's delicious turkey soup and drinking bell's oberon ale which was strange because i usually don't like bell's beer 'cause it's too dark. then keith and my brother went to chinatown to see the clash play, but nick wouldn't let me come 'cause i was too drunk, so ben and i called my aunt mary and begged her to come get us. i didn't want to go home so i asked to be dropped off at jim's place where i proceeded to run out into the middle of nowhere. i laid down in the middle of a field and watched a sky full of stars spin like a gravitron above me. it was beautiful, but also a frighening indication that i may have a serious drinking problem. i've never dreamt that i was drunk before. it must be the corrupting influence of the perishable label. just a few hours around you guys and i'm already suffering from abnormal behavior...and that's what happened.
miss maria <broncos_girl@hotmail.com>
MI us of a - Wednesday, December 01, 1999 at 16:51:37 (CST)
I don't remeber all the specifics, but I must say it was strange. The main reason it was strange is the characters that were in the dream. Though I have never personaly met any of the Perishable folks I have had a number of stories relayed to me by Scott Taylor. So anyway back to the point. I was laying down to go to sleep last night, and sortly before that I had had a Reiki session done on me so I was very relaxed. I put my copy of Bunny Gets Paid on the turn table, picked up my book of short stories by Franz Kafka and settled down for the night. Shortly thereafter I drifted off, and found my self strolling along the mighty Mississippi River. It turns out that I was a homeless child. I was not misserable, however, just without an abode. I sat down by this tree that I visit from time to time after husling up enough change to by myself a quart of beer. This is were it gets strange, Tim Loftus, Tim Rutili and Ben Massarella come up to me and ask for a swill of my beer. Though I've never seen these people in real life I know it was them because I was calling them by their last names. I said sure and passed my quart around. That's it. That's all I remember. I know it very anticlimatic, but I just found it odd that several people I've never met found their way into my dream. I think Perishable has some kind of mind control machine to transmit dreams into peoples heads to help sell their records. Think about it, that's free advertising straight into the synapsis.
Mike <mbniceguy@yahoo.com>
TN USA - Wednesday, November 24, 1999 at 10:45:33 (CST)
in the forest the air is rich and pungent. smells of cold moss and moist decay. mist coats the void . filling the spaces between ferns and trees. my limbs are heavy with slow and tingling motion. i am crawling. the earth gives slightly beneath my knees and fingers. a sponge releasing ice to the warmth of my skin. the edge of a lake parts the mist before me. dark reeds curve towards its glistening surface. i lay on the bank. stretching my arm out. sinking the tips of my fingers beneath its surface. it pools in my palm. heavy warmth. sliding over my fingers in jerky rapid motion. mercury. i push off from the edge. a sharp sensation of falling wakes me up.
il - Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 16:03:31 (CST)
real-there was this guy in school that i hated alot cause he wore lether vests and pulled his pants up real high and had a pony tail, and when my friends dorm room cought fire he made fun of them, so i hated him.DREAM i was in my bunk starting to sleep and not knowing that im dreaming i look over to the other bunk where my roomate usually is. to my suprise its the guy i hate looking right at me mean. so i jump out of bead to get a closer look and sure enough it is him so i start screaming at him to leave and choking him and i look over to the other bunk to see my other roomates reaction and he is there also there are too of him! so i freak out screaming curses and run to the light switch and after i turn it on i realize that i was just half asleep and that i really did all this choking and screaming but to my roomates who were at this point lying as still as they could with the covers over their heads scared out of their minds not saying anything! so i gently flicked the light swich off and tip toed into the other room and sat down. i thought that they would be mad but now they just do what i say damit!
marc manning <lights7@earthlink.net>
pa usa - Saturday, November 13, 1999 at 08:42:50 (CST)
so i dream about music a lot--"scores" especially. not film scores, but i'll be in a thrift store pawing through records and there will be a series of very rare who records that actually turn out to be an unreleased set of acetates, something like that. infinitely boring stuff. but the other night i dreamt about performing in front of a group of people dressed up like halloween. i was dj'ing, but somehow i was able to will the different records to mutate into each other, so that if i played two artists at once it would be like they were making a new song together. i also dreamt that i was on a stage with 6 or 7 old turntables; i hooked up a bunch of old sturdy school-type record players together--the kind that have output jacks in 'em--and i kept wanting them all to play at the same time, but it didn't work. then there was a girl dressed like cat woman and we had sex. then she turned into a pig-woman, like something out of the movie, "if," and i woke up wishing that was something i'd never dreamt, and hoping the image would leave me very soon. it hasn't. http://members.localnet.com/~ivan/1420k.JPG
mickey mac <mikem@amazon.com>
wa etail - Wednesday, November 03, 1999 at 20:48:40 (CST)
anyone watched "big lebowski"?i saw the guy named"jesus" in that movie.he was a kung fu fighter and me and my boss wanted to go to his house and steal his very important condom collection.we open his castle's door somehow and enter inside.we are sure he s away cos we sent him somewhere i cant remember how and where.well..but we didnt know he had a dog.my boss was ready for everything.he gave the dog some meat that made the dog sleep.we found the condom collection so we were ready to leave...but than that jesus guy enters to the castle and we accidently meet at the door.he s wearing all pink!he starts doing some kungfu but my boss tells him to stop cos we have his wife in our hands(!!?)so he has to make a desicion..his condoms or his wife...w big desicion i reckon... that s all...the alarm clock woke me up..
pillow <marslanding@hotmail.com>
uk - Tuesday, November 02, 1999 at 13:44:31 (CST)
I had some absinthe the other night and then dreamed a lot when I went to bed. I dreamed I was with the ghost of my dad, who was young. (my dad's not dead though). We were sitting on the porch of my Grandma's house, which has been moved, since it's in a flood-plain. We were eating green peppers.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, November 01, 1999 at 13:57:38 (CST)
in my dream: i wake up -- it's early morning, and i'm still in my weird 2rd floor apartment on 14th street over the taco place run by these really sweet koreans -- and go to the bathroom to pee. it's day light already but the bathroom's still pretty dark (no window). it's a great piss, almost one for the record books. after i finish up, i go to the sink to wash my hands and splash some water on my sleepy face. brushing my hair back with my hands, i look up into the mirror, squinting... and notice over night i seem to have grown a really sexy monobrow, even better than little eddie munster's. "cool!" i say to myself. i wake up laughing.
ld beghtol <beata_virgo@usa.net>
ny usa - Monday, October 25, 1999 at 12:13:28 (CDT)
There is a very big lady (amazon big) in a bikini standing in the ocean where the waves come crashing in. Very big swelling waves. I am clung to this lady with my arms around her neck and I am, in comparison to her, the size of a monkey. As the huge waves slowly swell up behind us and crash over us, Iggy Pop narrates. He is talking about how succulent the lady is and what different types of seasonings he would use to cook each part of her body. I remember him saying that for the thighs he would have to use "unseasoned salt". For another part of the body I remember him saying that he would use "borsht" as a seasoning.
tony mogelson <tonymog@hotmail.com>
MN USA - Monday, October 25, 1999 at 11:10:43 (CDT)
I was living in a small city in Israel. One day Jefferson Airplane shows up to play a show, but they needed a location indoors (because of the sand and all) to tape an interview to hype this very special show. I offered my parents house, where I was living, and had to spend the rest of the dream trying to explain to my parents that Jefferson Airplane aren't "druggies" anymore. But I was worried Grace was going to dose 'em. Don't even like Jefferson Airplane..I woke up because I thought a spider was crawling on me.
Brian <brifos138@hotmail.com>
CT - Monday, October 18, 1999 at 09:56:22 (CDT)
I had a dream that Phil avoided me and didn't return any e-mails after oRSo came and played in Phoenix. Mayhaps I weird him out.
travis bursik <bursik@hotmail.com>
mo - Tuesday, October 12, 1999 at 19:45:14 (CDT)
i laid down to take a nap this afternoon and almost immediately i descended in to that stage where you're still awake enough to be able to hear the joni mitchell on your stereo but asleep enough to be having lucid dreams. i dreamt that people were climbing the stairs to my attic bedroom. one at a time and each with something to say. my roommate jess came first. "you have visitors maria. it's sam and chris" she said. "tell them i'm asleep" i pleaded incoherently. "not a chance, sunshine" she heartlessly responded. "i'm tired of lying for you. you're going to have to face the consequences of your drunken antics for once." she left me lying there, unable to get up or otherwise move. instead of sam and chris, my dad and his girlfriend materialized. "you've got to change your evil ways, maria" gail said. "or else your dad's going to stop loving you more than me." i finally gathered the strength to get up with the intent of beating the shit out of her, but she was gone. my dad walked up to me and enveloped me in a crushing hug. "i know you're going to get into law school honey" he said. "and i'll help you out in any way i can". then he was gone and sam was standing there asking me why i didn't love him anymore, and chris was looking at my cd's and yelling at me for not having "paul's boutiqe" and "london calling" and i started crying and i screamed that i did have them, but i had loaned them to mark and he hadn't given them back yet. then sam said "forget you maria. i'm going over to megan's place. she'll do the riverdance for me". i started to chase after him, and i got to the top of my stairs and grabbed his arm to pull him back and then i remembered that i didn't love him anymore, and that i didn't really give a damn whether or not he went over to megan's, and that was when my alarm went off and i struggled to the surface. i was so incoherent that i had to check and make sure that my CD's were on the shelf and not over at mark's. all that therapy for the price of a half hour nap!
miss maria del zoppo <broncos_girl@hotmail.com>
mi us of a - Monday, October 11, 1999 at 22:09:57 (CDT)
it is night and i am arriving in a city i do not recognize. through the windows of the bus glowing neon reflects off the edge of buildings that speed past. the even glint of light is like the undulating reflection in the rotating blades of a metal fan. each angle passes the smooth glow on to the next. i step off the bus disoriented but calm. an urge to explore drives me into the darkness. i stop to look down an alley. mist passes my face and lingers in the ice-cold air like white vapor from warm lips. i need to find a safe place to sleep. at a phone booth near a stone wall i dial unconsciously. "i am here", i say into the receiver. a soft voice offers to come get me. "no. if you tell me how to get there i will come.", i reply. as she begins talking i lose interest and walk away. i come to the edge of a park. stone paths and ornamental plants give the overwhelming impression of geometric order. like an overgrown japanese garden. down one of these paths men and women in long white robes are eating at several tables. their faces are ethereal and angular. smooth glowing skin and dark hair. unseen by them i walk through their midst, over to a large map board. it is something that you might find in museums or shopping malls, giving arial views of large multi-leveled floor plans. i realize that this is a zoo. like the one in lincoln park, but with café tables near the cages. i walk towards movement on the large flat ledge of a raised cement pool. monkeys. with thick white hair that covers their bodies at an even length. like the fluff on a child's toy. the only visible flesh is a mask-like area around the eyes. slanted black soulless orbs nestled in soft folds of skin. these creatures seem more machine than nervous tissue. they are moving like penguins, swarming on the bank and leaping into the water. they are silent. i observe them with detached fascination. a little girl leaps abruptly into the pool. she is laughing and splashing. swimming after a monkey. i am terrified that i will see blood in the water. a man jumps in to grab the child. she screams and screams. i wake up
il - Sunday, October 10, 1999 at 00:33:07 (CDT)
I met Archer Prewitt, only he was a cartoon. He was wearing a Sof' Boy shirt. I love that comic.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
Minneapolis USA - Wednesday, September 22, 1999 at 15:46:27 (CDT)
real: my rex-'waltz' disc doesnt play due to deep scratches. dream:phil was selling rex discs for $2 out of an alley.
- Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 20:18:50 (CDT)
real: my rex-'waltz' disc doesnt play due to deep scratches. dream:phil was selling rex discs for $2 out of an alley.
- Saturday, September 18, 1999 at 20:17:34 (CDT)
I was sitting on a dock with two others. We looked down into the water and saw two tigers staring up at us. They looked all bluish and blurry from the water distorting them. It was obvious that they were preparing to pounce on us, so I grabbed my friend's gun. One of the water-tigers lept onto the dock and started biting us, so I shot him right in the tuchis. Then we got away. phew!
gr ma
- Wednesday, September 15, 1999 at 13:50:08 (CDT)
Along the shore. Gray whale beaches itself. Jettisons up on the beach. We all try pushing it back in. Swim around in the shallows. Churning anxiety waves. Later . . . having dinner with the whale across a banquet table. At my right is Keith Richards. Both Keith and I believe whale sitting across from us is God. We don't think he's a force or nothing progressively termed. He's the old testament creator. He has a name tag that simply says "God." Keith, however, is upset about his life. "What's I done lately," etc. I tell Keith that everything would have been justified if he'd just done Exile on Main St. He's relieved by that. We eat and talk. A victorious dream. Chatting with a God-whale that purposely beached itself to have dinner with me and Keith.
Lee Klein <eudemon37@yahoo.com>
NJ - Monday, September 13, 1999 at 15:47:48 (CDT)
Keith Richards and Mick Jagger were over for a visit. They brought along their 8-Track tape collection, and were proudly showing it off. It was mostly blues and r&b, "race records", and they vere very impressed with themselves: "Look at this one...nice artwork on that...ooh, this one's rare...". While they boasted, I heard a scratching from my bathroom. I walked over to investigate and found Muddy Waters cleaning out the litter box, sifting cat shit through a sieve, all the while muttering to himself: "Damn fools don't know nuthin' 'bout the blues..."
Jeff Economy <economy@ripco.com>
IL USofA - Tuesday, September 07, 1999 at 13:06:11 (CDT)
i forget one thing..after the olive oil the fat lady dumped 2 pitchers of red wine over the baby's head while he kept on gnawing on the octopus..
vito p
- Tuesday, September 07, 1999 at 11:13:06 (CDT)
I have a recurring dream (about once a week) about being in a massive storm which generates hundreds of powerful tornadoes. As I cower in my basement, waiting for death, I start speaking to the tornadoes as they roar by. "Why do you do this?" I ask. "We can't help being destructive, it's what we were made to do," they reply. But since I can talk to them, they agree to avoid my house and lay waste to all around me.
Carrie <carrie@emptybottle.com>
no. - Friday, September 03, 1999 at 16:35:03 (CDT)
in a wet green overgrown garden,it smells like basil and moist vagina. i am tied to a wooden chair. legs and arms. an obese red headed woman kneels in front of me and starts massaging my crotch. i cannot get an erection and feel an overwhelming repulsion. she says something in a language that i cannot understand (sounds like backwards latin).she gets up and walks to a large metal tub containing a nude baby. on a table next to the tub are 3 large metal pitchers. the first pitcher contains a purple/grey dead octopus and dirty salt water. she pours it over the baby's head. the second pitcher contains olive oil. she pours it over the baby's head. the baby starts gnawing on one of the octopus tentacles. the third pitcher is filled with water and skinned tomatos. she pours it over the baby's head as he continues to teethe on the dead octopus.i find a thick knot in the rag binding ny hand and dig at it until it loosens. the woman runs up to me screaming. my head feels like a cement weight and i try to move it so i can wake up. she starts to undo my pants. i use all my strength to jerk my head foreward and wake up.
vito positano <ta_z28@earthlink.com>
il usa - Monday, August 30, 1999 at 16:28:07 (CDT)
I was sitting in this field, looked up in the sky, and saw the face of my friend John in the clouds. He nodded his head, it was alot like at the end of "Love Me Tender", with Elvis singing. John just moved to Chicago, so it all comes together you see.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MinMinnehappenin'olis, MN USA - Saturday, August 28, 1999 at 16:44:57 (CDT)
All my dreams take place in some weird post apocolyptic world. There was a plane crash or something and Casey Rice was on board and his super customized laptop was on board. The laptop was damaged in the plane crash but Rice was not and I helped him find all the special pieces of circuitry that had flown all over the rug. One of the pieces i found was a special diode that lit up the inside of the laptop. It was a totally cool laptop and since Casey was so grateful for me helping he actually said something nice for a change.
Jolly the Clown
IL US of goddamn A - Friday, August 20, 1999 at 12:32:41 (CDT)
Dreamt that I was watching a Roy Harper performance at a "Hippie Festival" in Israel. One of the guys in the band was playing an instrument made out of an industrial vacuum. Here is how it worked: The industrial vacuum has a chamber of heated water. A plastic lid is supposed to fit on top of it. In order to make sounds come out of the vacuum, the guy places the lid on incorrectly. This causes the vacuum to make a constant and loud "air organ/slurp" sound. He then controls the timbre and volume of the sound with a couple of hand controls that feed into the vacuum via clear plastic tubes. I think that he regulates the vacuum's pressure with the hand controls and changes the sound by making different shapes with his hand on the controller (like how when you are playing a jaw harp, you change the sound by changing the shape of your mouth.
tony mogelson <tony.mogelson@reliastar.com>
mn usa - Thursday, August 19, 1999 at 11:26:44 (CDT)
One day I was minding my own business working at my uncle’s office when I decided to go outside and see what there was to see. When I got outside I started running into friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. First it was Brad Snyder, who was driving around in his car. Then I saw my good buddy Jake Cole, who I hadn’t seen in over six months. Jake was a lifeguard at the beach and was on his way to the Shell station to get some Gatorade. He said the people who run the concession stands at the beach usually give them a bottle or two every couple of hours but they were already over an hour late. Jake bought the Gatorade and we walked to the beach. When we got to the beach, I noticed that the weather was very different from the weather at the office. When I left the office, it was about 68 degrees and overcast. When we got to the beach it was about 95 degrees and there was not a cloud in the sky. I was painfully aware that the long pants and shirt I was wearing were not the best things for the weather so I had to change into a bathing suit. That drove all the girls crazy, I swear to god. There were all kinds of high quality freshman beer sluts at the beach too (Technically they would now be sophomore beer sluts but the original term is a little more catchy). I wanted to go get a 6 pack and bring abut four of them home with me, but, Jake had other ideas and the next thing I noticed we were back at the office. The first thing Jake did was open the fridge and grab my lunch from Scumaci’s. He was halfway done with it before I realized what he was doing and took it back. We spent the next half-hour flipping through the channels and we saw a commercial for a 6-hour fuck-a-thon that was about to start on Pay-Per-View. Some girl was gonna do as many men as she could in six hours and go for the record which was currently held by some chick who did 356 guys in that time period. Jake told me of a big party that was going on that night and thought I might like to go with him. I hadn’t been to a party in a while, so I accepted the invitation without giving it much thought. Jake asked me if he could crash at my place that night and I said that would be fine. I don’t know why I said he could spend the night, when I didn’t even know were I was spending the night. Jake went to use the phone and that was the last I saw of him. W hen I got to the party I was surprised at how cool and weird the location was. The main platform was up about 20 feet off the ground and it was a pretty big floor. There were only three walls and they were in the back and on the two sides. The open space were there would have normally been a wall, overlooked a giant, Olympic sized pool. That was the first floor. The only solid ground on the first floor was a little five-foot ledge that went around three sides of the pool, and two staircases that rose up to the main platform. There was no ledge around the side of the pool that was closest to the open edge of the main platform. So if you fell you didn’t have to worry about hitting the ground. There were hallways that ended up in the poolroom and originated from an area with a bar (That served minors) and from a lounge were you could light up all the ganja that you wanted. There were so many people in the smoking lounge that even if you didn’t have any smoke you would catch one hell of a contact if you even stayed in there for a while. It was in the lounge that I ran into Phil Spirito. After I left the bar, were I drank a few Yachtsmen's, and the lounge I was feeling like socializing so I decided to go up to the platform and find myself a delicious 30 to 40 year old. I don’t exactly know how I did it but I somehow managed to find myself a delicious 20 to 30 year old which is just as good. We were just kinda lying on this gigantic waterbed that lined the entire free side of the room (Which opened up to the pool below) when I realized that she had a boyfriend. He was on the other side of her and he didn’t know that I was even in the picture. I’m not the most sympathetic person you’ll meet, and my opinion was that it’s not my problem if his girlfriend doesn’t want to be with him. If it wasn’t me it would have been the next guy so it might as well be me. All of a sudden people started talking in a hushed whisper. The woman who was in the six hour fuck-a-thon had walked into the room and was getting a lot of attention. She didn’t break the world record but she came very close. With a little more practice and dedication she could shatter that world record in two months time. She was down with practicing with anyone who wanted and she was having a little session in the master bedroom. She asked me if I was interested and I respectfully declined. There is just so much skankiness that a man can put up with. I went to go get another Yachtsman and when I came back I realized that there was some construction being done on the stairs and that it was being done by no other than Tim Hurley, Brian Deck and John Deck. At the time Brian was yelling at Tim and John because they had somehow screwed up a piece of the stairway and now he would have to do a very difficult and dangerous maneuver to try to make up for it. Brian went running up the makeshift stairs and slammed a board against another board and for a second it stuck. The next second however saw Brian fall 20 feet and land with a thud on the concrete ledge on the side of the pool. He got up right away though, angry but unhurt. When I got back up to the waterbed I found my newfound friend waiting for me. We laid next to each other for a while until it became apparent that the night was winding down. She leaned over and we started making out. Her boyfriend realized what was happening and he was none to pleased. He started to blow in my face and make me stop. It didn’t work very well and he left for a while. He came back a little later and this time had a different approach to the situation. He unzipped his fly and began to piss all over us. Mostly on me. I got up in a hurry to kick the living shit out him but I was too late because he had taken a step backward and had jumped to freedom in the water. Or so he thought. It took me maybe a second and a half to decide that no one is going to piss on me and get away with it. Besides, I was already drenched with piss so I might as well try to wash some of it off. I jumped into the pool after this guy and landed almost on top of him. When I finally got a hold of him I started to thrash him to no end. By this time his friends had realized what had happened and they had jumped in on his side. When Brian, Tim and John saw what was going on they jumped into the pool to and helped me out. Even Phil put down his pipe said “ Ma ma” and jumped in the pool. Needless to say we won convincingly. The only real problem was this kooky lady who walked around the pool with a bucket full of chemicals and was trying to throw it in our eyes. I finally had to take the chemicals away from her and make sure she wouldn’t cause any more problems. Someone had called the cops and they were on their way. When we got out of the pool we dried off in like three minutes and were there when the cops arrived. Some people identified me as the ringleader in the fight, and although Phil tried to tell the cops it was the other guy…… well you know how cops are. The Police gave me a free ride home and when I got there Ben answered the door and told the cops that he would punish me very, very severely and that he was grateful to the cops for bringing his juvenile delinquent nephew home. I walked into the house (Ben must have done some remodeling because it looked nothing like I remembered), got myself a big bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and sat down on the couch. Ben was complaining because he had lost his glasses. He told me to tell him everything that happened but I just wanted to sleep. He kept saying: wake up, get up, wake up. And that’s when I did.
Nick Del Zoppo <del_zoppo1@Hotmail.Com>
MI United States of America - Wednesday, August 18, 1999 at 23:55:01 (CDT)
i dreamt i was eating a small bowl of sticky rice and drinking a large glass of milk. the doorbell rang. i accidentally answered the phone, even though it hadn't rung. "hello?" "are you gonna answer the goddamn door, or let me stand out here all friggin' day?" i dropped the phone and ran to answer the door, but noone was there.
tim walsh <tim@manintheuniverse.com>
ma usa - Monday, August 16, 1999 at 14:32:03 (CDT)
i dreamt of an instrument called the "bluesinator". basically it's a shallow wooden box you hold against your chest. it amplifies sounds coming from the chest. also, if you sing a bluesy sound into the wooden box, it "bluesinates" it, which means that it gives it an old time sound and creates a brief woodsy loop of the sound. this instrument also has little metal "plinky-plinks" that can be plucked like a thumb harp. the 'bluesinator" is the instrument of an old blues man. hold it against the heart, close your eyes, start to sway, and let the blues start pouring out.
Tony Mogelson <tony.mogelson@reliastar.com>
mn usa - Thursday, August 12, 1999 at 14:23:28 (CDT)
I dreampt that my mother and I were working with my cousin and aunt at this out door flea market. we were selling all sorts of produce and car parts. my cousin was pregnant and as we wrapped up the days work, my mother turned to my cousin and said "I'm gonna buy that baby a diamond highchair". As we leave the open air market to return home there is an immense flash of bright white light and my mother falls dead, her body dissapears. I return to my home, which is in my dream an abondoned subway station strewn with lockers, mattresses and people. As word spreads of my mother's death, people gather at the locked enterance gates to mourn. I woke up.
Stephanie <contact@newyouth.net>
OH USA - Saturday, August 07, 1999 at 13:00:26 (CDT)
MATT PATAKY <mpataky@sterling-engineering.com>
il 60622 - Friday, August 06, 1999 at 14:20:15 (CDT)
I was gambling in a nearby casino and hit it big on the slot machines. My winnings included 30 grand and a 5-gallon bucket filled with vicodin and pot!
gr ma
- Thursday, July 29, 1999 at 10:16:22 (CDT)
Me sitting, wild eyed and feverous, in a fold out chair center stage. Them, every woman that I had ever been with, surrounding me in a ritualstic circle. Pointed feminist fingers and cries of bitterness are being thrust upon me with rapid fire succession. Bewildered, confused and angry I become. I had no idea that I was such an inept partner for these women. "You are a self-centered, egotistical, manipulating, self-indulgent child!!" I hear these phrases and much more worse. I am being accosted by the ghosts of my lovers past. I begin to cry with shame, huddling in my seat. Cowering with an intense fear for my life. I close my eyes to try and ease this intense emotional torture and then I see them. Repetitive flashes of the faces of these women. Acidic swirls amidst screams and yelps. I begin to quake, sweating profusely, wanting to die. "Just go away!", I keep yelling. "Leave me alone, I am much different now!". Then she appears, a solemn angel, my first true love. She whispers to me, "It's okay, you did the best you could, we just never wanted it to end." Drenched and parched, as this nightmare subsides, I ask for a glass of water. I open my eyes, they are gone, the images have ceased. I roll over and gently kiss my lover on her naked shoulder. Crawl out of bed, walk downstairs to the kitchen, pour a glass of water, take a huge sip. Then suddenly I find myself in the living room, slipping a disc into the player. Rex's "Tortured Animal" begins to fill the air.....
Michael Willis <slo_core@yahoo.com>
NC USA - Monday, July 26, 1999 at 17:10:57 (CDT)
after i saw dianogah, i went to sleep on the couch. i had a dream that i was climbing around this tower full of mud and the shadowy men on a shadowy planet were playing live, and it was being broadcast over this p.a. i kept trying to find those fuckers.

i woke up and kids in the hall was on.
oh, static <ohstatic@aol.com>
- Monday, July 26, 1999 at 02:32:38 (CDT)

it was about a girl.large breasted. big footed. gap toothed. dirty hands. idle eyed. droopy tongued. knee knocked. she looked like she drank one too many kitty dukakis's. mop and glow on the rocks. she got in one of those mud baths and was eating all the mud. she called out my name to come closer. "i dun wanna" i said. "you're already here" she said and began clawing at her hairy muddy crotch.
T. Yachtsman
il - Thursday, July 22, 1999 at 15:45:24 (CDT)
Me and my friends John and Tom were on some big ocean liner, as part of some group, I think it was a religious type of group, but I'm not sure. We were drinking whiskey, and were informed that the ship was about to sink. I was running around looking for this girl, but I couldn't find her. Then I learned that the ship wasn't about to sink, we were just on the wrong one, and were headed for San Diego. I dreamed all this after I saw the Flaming Lips play.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Thursday, July 22, 1999 at 15:37:40 (CDT)
I dreamed that I went into a hotel room and pressed my hands aginst the bedspread. and the bedspread moved in a strange way, sort of an undulated way. I thought: is this a waterbed? then I looked to the floor and dark pools of blood were forming. the sheets were filled with blood. and I realized a murder had taken place. It was quite awful -- I can't quite describe the feeling of sickness and dread as the blood came out of the mattress. another thing: the blood was somehow dirty -- it wasn't bright red, but a murky brownish sort of color. It was aged. There was also a pornograhic magazine on the dresser in this room which I noticed on entering the room.
il usa - Thursday, July 22, 1999 at 13:08:28 (CDT)
i dreamed i was in math class and we were having a math test and everyone was doing math...for this test...in math class.
ted able
il u.s.a. - Wednesday, July 21, 1999 at 13:20:38 (CDT)
i was rollerskating on wet grass in an endless park with trees and bushes and people and dogs.when i started i felt the mud squishing in the wheels and trudged along harder and faster until the pain in my thighs turned to pure strength and perfect graceful speed. the faster i went the smoother everything got. smoother and cleaner.the cold water turned to air and the mud turned to marble.i felt like god.
anita villareal <not>
at all - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 23:48:04 (CDT)
i was in a dwarf pub sitting at the bar and there were all these little people eating big sandwiches. italian beefs, meatball subs ...these huge sloppy sandwiches. they were licking the juices and sauces off their little stubby fingers, slurping and laughing. one of the women starting flirting with me and then one of them started getting pissed off. the next thing i know i'm underneath a pile of these little writhing bodies being pummelled by these little fists and bitten by these little mouths. the bartender, who's my size, was screaming "enough! enough! he's had enough!" and he starts picking them up and throwing them against the wall and into stools, but they just kept running back and jumping onto the pile. i must have been screaming or something because my cat woke me up with a paw to the jaw.
tim loftus <timloftus@perishablerecords.com>
ill U!S!A! - Tuesday, July 20, 1999 at 16:44:49 (CDT)
uh....... the other night i had a dream that i was sitting in my sitting room and my cat walked by. there was an earthworm wiggling out of his butt. he was going around in circles trying to see what was up. then he laid down and gave birth to a full grown, bloody chicken. feet first. oh dear.............
custus <no>
bad which? - Wednesday, July 07, 1999 at 00:13:11 (CDT)

tim loftus <timloftus@perishablerecords.com>
il usa - Monday, June 28, 1999 at 16:50:17 (CDT)
June, 1973; Through underhanded interrogation of the ape scientists and analysis of their spacecraft, Doctor Victor Hasslein uncovers the ultimate fate of the human race and the planet. He convinces the President of the United States that the ape scientists pose a threat to mankind. The ape scientists are taken to a military base for further interrogation. Abd al-Jabbar ibn Muhammad al-Hamdani on behalf of the ape scientists, stands up to Dr. Victor Hasslein.He issues this statement via his crankshaft telegraph: "One of the Jews undertook the conversion of the Khazars, who are composed of many peoples, and they were converted by him and joined his religion. This happened recently in the days of the Abbasids.... For this was a man who came single-handedly to a king of great rank and to a very spirited people, and they were converted by him without any recourse to violence and the sword. And they took upon themselves the difficult obligations enjoined by the law of the Torah, such as circumcision, the ritual ablutions, washing after a discharge of the semen, the prohibition of work on the Sabbath and during the feasts, the prohibition of eating the flesh of forbidden animals according to this religion, and so on." Well aware of the peril they're in, the ape scientists, Zira and Cornelius attempt an escape from the facility. During the escape Cornelius accidentally kills a guard. With the help of Dr. Stephanie Branton and Dr. Lewis Dixon they flee to a circus where Zira gives birth to the baby ape. Leaving the baby, named Milo, in the care of Armando the circus owner, while taking a circus chimp's child in a bizzare trade they set off to evade their pursuers.
Sluggo DragKing <sluggo@dragking.org>
IL North America - Thursday, June 24, 1999 at 11:20:34 (CDT)
: i'm with a group of people and we walk into a building out of a snowstorm. the place is a cross between wall drug and the ground round. all wood and candlelight, i am wearing horse blinders on my head and can only see in front. we walk through halls of stupid bumperstickers and old family pictures into crabby coffee shops and rooms of paneling and urinals. we come to the main dining room and as i move foreward a bigbreasted bleach blonde old fat lady dressed like she's going to the acadamy awards with her huge tits half out is walking straight at me grinning and batting her eyes. i feel myself blush and i want to turn my head away. she's like the north ave whores that stare down cars off the bridge. i cant turn away and can only go foreward. i try to smile back. as she passes me she does this magician's flourish with one of her hands. i notice the fat fingers and rings and huge red nails. she does this thing right in front of my eyes and i get a little mesmerized but i keep walking and she keeps walking. we get about 3 or 4 steps past each other and the blinders are off me and i put my hand across my ass and feel that my wallet is gone. i look behind me and the lady is smiling and now she has gold teeth and she's holding my wallet in the air. showing it to me. i turn back and the people i was with are gone.."you gotta show me how you did that, you didn't even touch me, i need a job i need to learn how to do something...how did you do that?..." i'm blathering, i thought that if i learned how to pick pockets without touching people i could go to the airport and make tons of money....so she says"you vant to?" and i say"sure" so she starts this fast walk throught the halls and it gets darker as we go deeper. there's these huge human sized puppets hanging from the ceiling dressed like circus people and gypsys. they got these creepy green glass eyes staring right at you and they're all made of unsanded wood with pointy slivery fingers. they look like they dont like what they're wearing, they look like people being punished. they're hanging in uncomfortable possitions like with the leg over the head and the butt up at the highest point. there are hundreds of them lining the ceiling . sparkly fireman clown, corseted gypsy girl, teenage boy ringmaster, a liontamer with a tangled black wig, they're all there. finally the hall opens up into this huge room and the woman faces me and starts talking complete nonsense. and i'm trying to ask questions. but she keeps changing the subject and talking about vienna and all her beautiful sick babies with the croup and just bullshit..i start to look around this big room and i see about 5 different groups of mexican women in traditional gaudy mexican tops but naked from the waist down. with big spangly sombreros and beautiful black hair with red carnations. they're lined up in formation doing thai chi like movements extra slow and in synch. it was like fake thai-chi. i watched their legs and compared their crotches as the pickpocket lady droned on and on and i noticed that they were slowly twisting their bodies into the same impossible positions as the scary puppets. it just went on and on. i said to the lady somethin like "you're not teaching me a thing." and she changed the subject again ....then i woke up and tried so hard to get back to sleep but i couldnt neither
where is foy?
usa - Thursday, June 17, 1999 at 16:05:18 (CDT)
I was in some B-movie, we were in some big house in the country, and this guy there was a killer. I think he would dress up funny and kill people with children's toys or something. There was an indoor fishing pond, and I was fishing. There was also this pastor there and his son, who I think was retarded, or was like the kid from "Mask" or something. The kid accidently dropped his fishing pole in the water, but it floated, so he got it back. The Pastor told the son to go to bed right now, and the kid did it without complaining at all. I thought to myself "the clergy shouldn't be allowed to have children, the catholics know what they're doing". I think some people ended up getting killed, but I got away. I think the killer bragged that he cut the telephone wires, stranding us all, but then I tried the telephone and it worked, so I called the Police. Then I ran outside and watched from this hill, and the police came and caught the guy in about 5 minutes, which cued me in that I was dreaming. 911 is a joke, yo.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
Minneapolis, MN USA - Wednesday, June 16, 1999 at 14:15:37 (CDT)
I was in the desert/Badlands area with some random people. We were stuck in this cement-walled shack. A sketchy guy in black came in with a gimpish assistant and they started releasing propane gas in the room. Then they counted down and blew us all to bits. Our ghosts all survived the blast. We were all spinning and chatting until our bodies regenerated and we were alive again. Phil felt bad so he bought me a bottle of booze that I didn't really want. Then I woke up wanting peanut butter cookies.
gillian lisee <furry23@hotmail.com>
il usa - Wednesday, June 16, 1999 at 12:31:06 (CDT)

- Tuesday, June 08, 1999 at 12:59:55 (CDT)

- Saturday, June 05, 1999 at 00:27:35 (CDT)
I was with this cowboy guy, in the past, presumably the old west. We were riding horses, and came to this farm, which was owned by some people who went to my parent's church (in real life), they lent us a wagon and some horses to go into town for some wedding. The head of the household didn't approve of me being with the cowboy though. He asked "Why are you following him?", and I said "I'm not sure why, but I know I have to. It's fate". We rode into the city, which had become modern day Minneapolis. We ended up stopping somewhere and the horses got loose and ran away. The cowboy ran after one, and I ran after the other, and caught it. While I was waiting at the wagon, my Dad came by, and he had this cup of ginger ale, I believe it was a Taco Bell cup. He showed me a cat inside, it was a full sized cat, and a regular sized cup. It looked normal though. I took the cup, but I couldn't let the cat out, because it was soaked with ginger ale. So I made sure it had enough air, and tried to make sure it was happy.
Adam <robotica@rocketmail.com>
MN USA - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 11:19:24 (CDT)
Two nights ago I dreamed I was on tour with Gillian and Duke and some unrelated character maybe Myles but maybe not. We had a smallish gun and Gillian and I started shooting ourselves in places that would not cause to much damage. I shot myself right above the knee and in the thigh and in the the side of my gut. Gil did her gut and thigh also. I think Duke shot himself also but it wasn't that important to the dream. We were shooting ourselves as a form of getting high. As if this was the new drug that everyone was getting off on. We were in my parents house but it didn't look like thier house. I was very concerned that Gil was getting blood all over the place. I noticed that I was also bleeding all over the place. I was also limping and favoring my wounded leg. At this turning point in the dream I relized that we had to leave in half hour and we had to load up the van. Ofcourse we had twice as much gear. I went outside and it was winter and the perigable(van) was across the lot with a huge trailer attached to it. The lot was all mud and it was an extremly gray and depressing super wintry day. The lot was just mud and slush and dirty snow. I was wearing shorts for some reason and the first thing I did was slip and fall in the mud and slush. My wounds were all dirty and caked with mud. I got in the van and realized, not only did I have a trailer but I had to back it up this skinny ramp. After many failed trys I woke up.
phil spirito <phil@onshore.com>
il 60622 - Friday, June 04, 1999 at 09:54:43 (CDT)
There was this crazy guy on the loose - don't ask me how I determined this - and it was my job, as well as an attractive female's job to catch. This was in a high building and there were change/shower rooms like high school sporadically about. I found the killer guy in one and I cut his head off with a sword. Periodically I felt bad for this and periodically his head reappered or disappeared as he followed me around. When he had a head it was scarred. Then I was in the locker room discussing it with people. The tiles were yellowy (smoke stained I think) and it was a bit misty but no showers were running. And then I woke up.
d.h. <gbilton@nexicom.net>
ont canada - Thursday, June 03, 1999 at 14:49:02 (CDT)
i was flying a fighter airplane, it was a jet. it had a lot of equipment in it. i was flying in a deep canyon and somehow i ended up not in an airplane but in the shrubbery surrounding a swimming pool. it was dark out and the scene was lit only by the neon lights of the motel. i ended up in the water and discovered actress/comedienne sandra bernhard in the water as well, who was blowing me. she managed to do this while being submerged. i was pondering this when i woke up..
alex99 <foo@bar.com>
uk - Thursday, June 03, 1999 at 12:28:13 (CDT)

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