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my dream is to make sincere love to timothy kinsellas

i won a motorcycle!!!! i don't have a motorbike permit, but no one was chasing me! i wound up in the room of a gypsy, with words like unkept fingernails, and kisses as innocent as the dirt that is trapped there from long day of play but i got a motorbike and i don't think that it is time to stop here, so no trade to gypsy man, as you trade what you own and you own what you wear and he thinks i only wear my hips, saunter away to no gypsy kiss...
telling secrets forgot timed to the sleep removal from one eye to the next, a flash, then taken like other waking moments dreams are no different, stolen ideas, misplaced memories and controled responses, where is the wet dream when the kitty was thrown on a lap not by its own accord..poking out eyes with forks in hand casually walking administering the daily dose of spontanous violence so seemingly necessary, stepping on toes, cant get off in a sticky gazer filled mindfuck...pain slumber wake to death rattle shudder last laugh in you...next,
i never have sex dreams but two nights ago i did........ it was late evening, mid-summer, very hot, muggy, and dark. everything was covered in ivy and moss. it was a mandatory facist school meeting in the auditorium and in between lectures i ran into the communal bathhouse with one of my long time best friends. i took a piss in the troft and, jokingly, my friend leaned over and said, "we should measure that thing!" just loud enough that a young burnette that was lying down in the pool-bath overheard. "i'll measure it," she exclaimed. "uh," quite flustered i responded, "ok, but you have to get me hard first..." i was a little embarresed. that is when she began stroking and sucking. quickly she made the measurement and i came into my hand. we all laughed and disapeared into the darkness of that foggy night.
cj <noemail@aol.com>
mi usa -
feels the heat while he is coiled beats a retreat after he's foiled in seas of people, his moment's spoiled the object of love lost again

i'm sitting on a couch in a dim dirty basement leaning into this guy who might be... my back is against his side. strange awareness of my blood in it's free flowing state turning to slush. i become observer only. m. stands tall telling the room my secrets. people get mean when they can't have you. he's in love with this hollow power. my hand rests on the seated mans thigh, and i can feel a hard on start to stretch towards me as he registers the weight of my body. i can't move. i wonder if we like this. i'm focused on the gleam of his golden zipper and his balls look like robert plant's circa 1974. m is now furiously listing all of my lovers as a sick old woman shuffles through the room in a filthy housecoat. she lays down in the corner and m begins to howl. i wake up.

dreary as if it has been days since sight of sunlight. my arms drag as do my feet. both are burdened with objects, heavy and imposed. an armful of rifles and boots too big. i approach a house. broken everything. smoke billows between hills not far away. i walk through the door and spill the second hand weapons. a group of young women, not adults, are hudled under a window sil. the words i yell are inaudible, like speaking through mashed potatos. they look away lethargically. i pick off of the ground and launch at one of them a rifle. the others join. we march from building to building, killing as tears and sweat go unfelt accross our faces. each building crumbles under our success. when there are no more structures left, we turn our rifles at one another and fire. i am the only one standing. i walk further into the smoking hills. my arms drag as do my feet. both are burdened with objects, heavy and imposed. an armful of rifles and boots too big.
matt <vigilante555@hotmail.com>
il usa -
lipstick and superglue. falling and I can't keep it from coming out. it spills out all over the old lady sitting next to me on the train. she's breathing heavily, sandpaper sounds. smoking a nicotine patch seems like overkill. the door shut in my face and I went away this is not about getting laid.
nm us -
It begins in some dark and nameless downtown setting, and through dreamlike techniques (the acquired "understanding" that something is so) it is established that I am not all together a model or acceptable human being. I seem to possess certain superpowers, like the ability to jump from/to great heights, as well as unrivaled speed, and something I can only describe as "floating" or "Hanggliding" (exceptionally useful when jumping off of roofs). Not to mention my grotesque appearance (unfortunately never elaborated upon). Naturally, the local law enforcement officials are out to get me, their plan of action involving the destruction of all dilapidated and abandoned buildings in the city, the only place a fella like me could seek shelter. I have so much confidence in my ability to escape that at one point I wait for a wrecking ball to break the wall down, then catch a ride on it, jumping off of it at the last minute, slipping out completely unnoticed. So then I find myself wandering in and out of dark neighborhoods, ducking behind parked cars and such... Dawn begins to make it's presence known. I see this chubby teenager walking this giant chow down the sidewalk. The dog senses my presence, shows it's teeth and pulls forward. I walk in front of the dog and hold my hand toward it and it lets up. I then hear the owner tell whoever he is talking to on the phone that he has to go because his dog his hungry. "Don't worry ole boy, we'll find you some nice big caterpillars." I find myself in a dirt lot with a napkin in my left palm, sorting through thorny caterpillars to give to the dog.
rb <cerebralspill@yahoo.com>
or us -
no plot really, just the de construction of a female face from eyebrows floating away to enlarging and inflating eyeballs just a persona in a spiral and no thoughts about it just a feeling in a eddy go get a net to catch wandering face parts...

I awoke at 4:30 am, my dreams were hazy in my memory but a phrase resounded, as if it was spoken to me, and I wrote it down before going back to sleep. The phrase was "Does it make sense to you with blood?" On the outset, it sounds crrepy, but it didn't feel that way...
US -
This is one of 10 re-occuring dreams I have have been having since I can rememember. This one I have it last night. My wife and I are in a cemetery at a beach near where I grew up in the city of La Caleta, in the Dominican Republic. My wife is showing me two of the five graves that she had purchased for when we die we could use it. Now I have had this same dream before but my wife was not in it. In the dream my wife shows me that there are two graves side by side. The one on the right has my birthday on it. She tells me that these two graves are together incase we stay together and eventually die together. The other three graves are located kinda accros from the other two and she tell me that these three graves are incase that we seperate and remarry that way we can each be burry with our current partner. To me this dream has some significans but I am not sure what. I have had this dream before but it in I am usually alone at the cemetery.
Dalv Cast <Chaos13th@hotmail.com>
NJ Passaic -
i am in the process of building a beautiful public art work, a large bronze arch, and as i am installing this piece my old master, beth, decides that this is not the place for piece. "to the britney!!" she declares, and we are off to london. i don't have to worry about money, there are free desserts on the counter of a coffee shop and everyone has an british accent. on fellow to my right doesn't seem to be very aware of himself, so i say hello, his hello is dipped in a midwest accent but he seems bewildered that i notice him. i think he didn't no he was dreaming...anyway, there is someone who doesn't want me to show in london, and though i kow it's my shadow, he takes the form of an old sculpture professor of mine, trying to beat me to the britney to foil all of my plans. when beth and i do arrive to speak with the young female art director, she is laughing slightly at this playful artist at her feet, while i watch beth is arguing for my favor, the woman looks at me, and with a truly genuine smile says "she is not educated, i cannot show her" and continues to giggle at the child artist by her feet. beth is outraged, i am laughing myself, the child artist at feet seems to be creating our infectious laughter, and all the while beth is saying in my head "i am sorry for wasting your time, but you don't feel time, gina, i know you don't feel time, so how can i be sorry for wasting it?" after this i get to play onthe streets of london, and it's as much fun as i've had lately....
i found you in the rainy shopping center parking lot. it was dark you were all wet. i let you in my back seat and drove silentely from the passenger seat. we ended up on giant bleachers with fears of chemical warfare. your snakeskin leather pants (where did they come from?) touch to my leg. we're turning and touching so little. i become lucid. we keep turning and touching more. we smile; your the only one i can stand to look in the eye anymore, but you never notice. our touching turns to hands that lock. eyes can't move, legs can't move. but i never got to ask you.... :::wake:::
nj -
a (day)dream of the moment... i am on my hands, practicing balance, when i returnto my feet there is a white brick wall when i think about the wall, the vents start making music sqeaking generously, i humm with it all
offspring from giant man comes small four year old girl, wrapped and to me in my arms and protection, from every direction came bullets and fire, mobs of men shooting, and faulty i am at protecting this girl, shot in my hand, her eye goes with the bullet. i am rolling behind tables with a sense of great haste and the moment is bleak and i am trying to think, but the little wrapped girl, one eye and all, turns into a gentle white butterfly, and flutters above it all. i feel foolish for having tried an impossible task, as purity needs no protection, if it had a guard it would be false... no one person could touch this child, i think it was my effort that lost her an eye....gina

america jones for president! yeah, to be an insightful aquarius.
hey tim..you may find this curious considering what you told gina in madison. 3/05 gina, karrie, JBirD, and myself are in a room with a very ornate chaise lounge in the center. i am holding a foot long stick of pink paint (imagine a giant pink chapstick) and JBirD is standing next to me smiling and laughing. karrie and gina take turns laying down....continuously switching back and forth. all the while i am covering them in pink and laughing like a child. i know this to be the happiest dream i have ever felt in my life. thank you for a beautiful show in madison and all your generosity. see you in chicago on the 12th.
anne bisone <abisone@lycos.com>
wi -
mit, woh drah ti si ot maerd. i t''nac rebmemer eht tsal emit peels yleurt emacrevo em. nehw ti seod emoc s'ti yllausu tsuj rehtona eramthgin dna lla i tnaw ot od si tegrof ti. gnikniht fo uoy dna gnikool drawrof ot eht ht11. hcum evol sesuj
james campbell-drury <campbelldrury@uswest.net>
hey anne how are you this it's dave i'm going to madison tomorrow with dmitry and i wanted to see when the show started because my good friend catherine offered to feed me food from buraka for free at 7pm depending on when the show started. i dreamt i wasn't an aquarius and everybody liked me and i was president of the united states of america proposing to reform our system of farm subsidies so that pre-industrial nations could compete in global agricultural markets and i made the personal cost of the automobile equivelant to the social cost by raising the price of gasoline to $12 per gallon thereby reducing suburban sprawl and increasing urban populations and culture and in crowded metropolitan areas i controlled the homeless population with viscious hungry stray dogs and i opened our southern border to let in all the mexicans so everybody could retire and live off the fat of cheap mexican labor and cullen and jessie weren't in denver and my first act as president was to make all landfills national parks so i could strip mine them for plastic to recycle because the arabs stopped selling us oil to make into plastic and everything needed to be wrapped in plastic and our national park goldmine landfill revenue supply was inexhausible and i ruled the world with an iron fist a golden throne a harem a machine gun and a jeweled crown forever.
America Jones <automated_monitor@yahoo.com>
WI 53202 -
statue. statuelike- i dreamed you were one too.

I was a leader of a tribe in an ancient desert while speaking to my people i was struck by raindrops that froze me where I stood I was a hard cold shell with churning placenta inside and the people went away and the desert sands blew around me and became icy droplets of water as the sky went from blue to black all the while and i was still a statue with a center made of blood and organs

and your sick of your current living situation?

hey anne, it's bad. very bad osunding, but maybe just deals with change?g

2/26/03 i was a journalist interviewing a russian eight year old boy. he was telling me how he was trying to provide for his family. he was emaciated and phisically spent. he spoke good english with a heavy accent...very enthusiastic to tell me his experiences. meanwhile his right ear was a giant flat pussy hole. there was a rotting dead rat falling half out of his ear. at the same time there was a living rat slithering out of his ear and running in and out of this same dead oriface continuosly as we spoke.
anne bisone <abisone@lycos.com>
WI usa -
a land of half water and sky. towns on hills and the presence of darkness. the tramways lead to our thoughts and end in our awareness. as the winds blow and the clouds clutch at those who have praised, the phone rings......

crackpot pitch tents onward bound shout the hidden guy and outward is where we should all be and i know everything is perfect right now, i just imagined i would like perfection a whole lot better than quiet and lonely nights that i used to have, used to think of them as sad, but now i think they were just some time and my shoulders wouldn't hurt if i just had some time...g

Saddam Hussein was feeding his penis with a baby bottle. My feet were encased in two large snails. A little boy with a botched nose job, a flabby woman with no breasts, pink christian candles burning. I see my friend mark in a bar called Cowgirl Heaven, we make out and his hands go up my skirt and i say "if you're gonna show my ass to the bar could you at least turn it this way?"
Amelia <yarnmethod@hotmail.com>
well...before my short dream happened, i had been working 12 hours, and i was driving home in a very tired-like manner, and i happened to drift off into a thin layer of sleep while driving, and i had a short dream that i was meeting this band called the candy butchers, and i heard someone yell "HEY!" in my dream, which made me wake up, and when i awoke, i was about 10 feet away from hitting a car head on. later that day, i realized that the "HEY!" i heard in my dream, was actually on the cd i was listening to when i drifted to sleep...which was the candy butchers cd! i have been thinking about writing them about this incident, and thanking them for saving my life.
justin wood <dreamsmaderealcrew@hotmail.com>
i wake up as a scarecrow ,held by chickenwire to whatever kind of pole that is that scarecrows are held to. i can feel myself trying to free myself ,but i can.t move at all. with old eyes ,bullets and buttons sewn in me from the farmer.s drunken sad nights where he just fires straight up into the air ,or spins and spins. there is the sound of quiet little voices which i realize are some crows ,not really fooled my scarecrowact ,so they.re perched on my shoulders ,clutching into my straw with their quiet little feet and whispering to each other. they tell me about a dream they had ,that a wave of grain would suddenly lift like waves on the water and smash the dusty ground into little diamonds of mud. i don.t remember what i said back to them. soon the wind picked up ,and all the little hay that made me up started separating ,and the chickenwire started to peel and the crows left and i just came apart straw by straw in the wind ,and the only part of me left thinking any thought at all was my hat ,where i guess a scarecrow.s thoughts are located. so i was just a hat blowing around ,wondering if the wind would die down when i woke up.
devon <bitmoth@littlegirlempire.com>
il usa -
2 dreams...1)i had just gotten up and was sitting on the toilet looking at the bathtub. i had just passed my brother in the hall and he was wearing a towel around his waist and had slippery baby oil all over his chest and shoulders. he had left a ring of the slickness around the toilet seat and i was afraid i'd slide off of it and hit my head on the tiles. i was looking at the bathtub that was full of water and notice two pairs of panty hose floating on the surface, one tan and one black. i knew they were my mother's and i was grossed out thinking that all of her sweat had mixed in with the warm water to create some stewy juices. i blinked once slowly and when i opened my eyes, the legs of the floating tights had turned into the arms of a real life daffy duck. as my eyes moved up, i saw the limbs were attached to a black feathery face and yellow bill. his eyes were closed though and i was terrified thinking about what the hell i'd actually do if they opened. as i was thinking this, they did, only both black beady eyes were facing front predator-like. i completely freaked out and screamed "MOM"! then i woke up...2) kate winslet was talking to these guys with saucy gorgonzola cheese chunks covering her face and head. she then did a back bend and was completely naked. she fell to her side and posed with a hand on her hip and the other hand under her head, it was then that i noticed she had 4 pendulous breasts, 2 on each side. she looked up at the guys, who i couldn't see during the entire dream, and said, "hey, i like what i like."

i had a dream that i didn't live in Australia and I actually got to see some decent bands live......somebody save me........stop this riddle


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