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In the woods, gathering a harvest with a woman that I might have loved and a couple of small children. On our way back home house, walking up a hilly field, a dinosaur appears out of the woods. The dinosaur is approximately 14 inches tall, although it looks just like a t-rex. Somewhat startled at first, I begin to run up the hill towards the house. The dinosaur catches up, I will call the dinosaur Sir, and Sir bites my pant leg. Like a small puppy. As I run, I am trying to kick Sir off my leg. I get to the House and run around to the front door. I get in, and Sir is on the porch, scratching at the door. I am relieved that it can't get me, but then on the porch I see my cat; oblivious. Sir leaps over to the cat and puts the cats entire head in its little mouth. The cat is a bit larger than Sir. But Sir manages to consume the entire cat. With no sign of it's existencee left but a stain of blood on the dirty porch floor. I call desperately for my father, and he appears, holding a long spear. He courageously steps outside onto the porch and tries to stab Sir with the spear. he cant manage to hit it however. Now it is tome for me to face my fear and walk out onto the porch, grab the spear, and run it through Sir, letting go all of my anger and fear. Limping sir retreats to a corner. I follow him and run him through and through with the spear. wake up
Joshua <SkaPirate1@yahoo.com>
NY USA - Thu Dec 23 10:43:22 2004
i'm walking around outside with some people, were looking at the sky trying to find a nice view of planes flying, it's a nice blue sky/sunny day, we find many nice views but have trouble picking just one to start the opening of this film were making, I walk to my backyard, meditate, climb up on a fence, jump off and float around, people are amazed at my ability to float in mid-air, I tell them "you all can do it too if you practice enough.", I float around my house and and across the street, people enjoy watching me float and I enjoy doing it, I than walk to the park, where there's a baseball diamond, good times had by all.
md usa - Wed Dec 22 13:31:51 2004
watching the planes prepare to land in my front window, headlights beam out, long and thick. i fall asleep thinking that I have never seen a sky as purple as chicago skies.... empty spaces and less garbage, a complete opposite of the dream the day before with ghosts who have no brains and are like animals...no wheezing grinding noise and no classical music behind the radio, no leaking/pouring faucets behind the wall. all the walls are painted like dusk and after not dreaming good for a few months, it seems like i've come back to look inside and have found the good space i was after. next time i dream tells me what to do with it...
- Mon Dec 20 16:20:23 2004
in my room, i've killed several women, about 15-20 of them, i've chopped them up and buried them in my room, my floor in my room is like dirt, I buried them about two feet under the ground. before I buried them I played with there dead bodies like toys, I felt satisfied with my "art", I figured I had a right to play/study/express my self to my self with these dead bodies. people are coming into my room, looking for these women, they made be dig them up, they left the room saying they will be back to arrest me, they left the bodies in my room, so i hid them in the corner of my room under a towel, and walked out my room causuly. than in the hallway, my dog stared at me with a retarded stare, tongue hanging out, retarded.
md usa - Mon Dec 20 11:11:17 2004
jealous of a co-worker getting a new job in chicago. i miss my home. boo hoo. and so i started flying over the city... mentally pointing out the places i lived and worked. i changed bodies ... to a man in a mental institution whose wrists were bound. i used a razor to cut the ropes and jumped out the window and ran down a whole bunch of stairs. and i kept running through lawns and dark dark businesses. and i saw a guy recognized me in front of my doctors house with a huge picture window where i could see him entertaining. and i knew i had this dream before and was going to get caught. i threw the razor at this guys chest.
anna rae <okayghost@gmail.com>
IN United States - Sat Dec 18 22:23:54 2004
I'm at high cliff, with some woman I don't know. The water is as high as the cliffs, she wigs out......and decides to drive her car into the water, because of some ticket from a cop, and I scream in horror. I know my son's in the car. I'm screaming, my son my son, is he in there? She smiles and says, don't worry about it. I search high and low, for police.......they search the lake, and my son is missing. my ex husband has no clue where he is, he hasn't seen him for a long time, then on his tv, I hear the news.....and it's about a missing child, now found in a car at high cliff. More news later........ I wake up shaking, shivering, and I awoke to my own voice, saying..."no!"
usa - Fri Dec 17 10:48:00 2004
starkness, nothingness, that's what i get from her. she just heard a story about her dad putting her nephew to sleep without a diaper and they think its funny and she shakes herself up with knowing without forthought that he did it so he could fondle him. another story, they think its funny that he's been napping in the closet. she remembers napping in the closet and why. and the nothingness is her. not me. which is good to remember.
not a cry for help
uranus - Thu Dec 16 15:46:43 2004
I'm in milwaukee, looking for a place, to show someone where I live. But I can't remember the street, and I ramble for words, as if it were on the tip of my tounge, and finally it comes right out. The girl laughs, and here I am on an island in the middle of a busy intersection in milwaukee. in the middle of the island, is like a inclosed place for people who are riding the bus, and on the other side, is my mother, with other people. Then I realise she is with my sister, gina, and they take off. I'm left alone, on their end, when I see Micah. Micah was someone I had met YEARS ago, who just yanked my chain, so to speak. Then he completely disappeared on his path, somewhere in Texas. I see him smile at me, and before you know it, we are laughing, giggling, and he makes no comment on how much I have physically changed. We just have this fondness, and instead of being scared, I decide to just go with the flow, and I tell him this story about my favorite shoe that I lost when I Was younger. How sad I was, how beautiful this shoe was and how it was just "me".......and he laughed. Cell rings, and then I am at the hospital, with my mother, and my sister......Gina has had surgery, but for what I got no clue, and she is completely fine......but I know something is up, MOM always says "everyone is fine"........even when death is not far behind......so I do not take this "lightly".....but I end up running around the hospital with Micah. The nurse giggles at me, and tells me where to find my sister.....but instead there he is. So intensely looking into my eyes, like he once did. He hands me a box......and as that happens, we are back on the island, on that busy street, and I know something really important is going to happen with me......but I dont know what. He hands me a bag and smiles crooked, so I KNOW he's up to something, and when I open it......there's the shoe that I have been missing since I was a little girl. All of the tears I shed with my mother, my little feet dancing around like a princess, feeling all the wonder that I had when I was little, and he told me that he had more in store for me tonight, so do not make any plans. I'm at my mom and dad's old house in Kimberly.......and they are talking with Micah....while I change, and glow in amazement abotu what he has done to catch my eye again. He asked to use the bathroom, and my father stupidly asks him, to do what...when he laughs at my dad and says that he REEEEEEEEEEALLy has to go, but our bathroom is not working, dad is yelling my name, I come to the top of the stairs as if I Was a teen, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT! Im getting ready...............!!!!" and then my mom says, Micah has something to tell you. He took the empty bag from the nurses station, across from gina's room at the hospital......and there were pills, tons of pills there, and he took a few, to calm his nerves........but they are laxatives!! Oh gawd, he leaves and says he'll be back..........and my mom is giving me the 3rd degree on what he did, and how that isn't a good man, when I tell her all about the shoe! How we first met, and now he's back magickally in my life. She started to glow like me.......and then said...."i Understand now....". Micah comes to get me, and we are walking.........talking, and I have my shoe, and he's telling me about this lake that he is taking me to........when I remember all about IAN. (Ian was someone I truly liked back when I met my ex husband, and I was given a choice, Ian or My ex......I don't regret that choice, but I barely think of him, and all of a sudden, he's in my dreams..........) Ian smiles.....and as he does that, Micah is no where to be seen or found, because he had to run again. Run where? I dont know......Ian and I talk about things, and hold hands, and we are in DOWNTOWN appleton. Right where he use to sit, and I knew where to find him, at night, any day of the week. The laughter is like, we are one. We complete each other.....without missing a beat, and I feel guilty about the shoe, and Micah. But this time, I choose Ian. I saw a ladder, and couples were getting on it......one side was the man, the other was the female, and if the whole ladder filled up.....they (this jeweler) would marry all of them for free, rings included....for this huge promotional ad. Without QUESTION, Ian and I ran on, and just LAUGHED at the sheer craziness of it all. Before you know it.......Micah see's us.......and he's talking to me, as if he is whispering in my ear.... "i hope he takes care of you like he should....you are a woman and that should never be forgotten......I hope he will keep you warm at night,he gets to kiss you, for the rest of his life, rub your feet when they are sore, tickle you when he wants to, hold you all night long, every single night.....till' he dies, and he is so lucky.......he will see your smile, and the aura you send.......is just contagious. (insert my real name here).......he gets to make love to you....and keep you happy for the rest of your life....... and then I awoke. *sigh*
IN usa - Wed Dec 15 14:45:12 2004
There is so much we don't talk about, so much I have trouble believing in. Another strange and complicated mess I have created within my screens and walls. I am almost always filled with doubt, and I love you already, almost. At first I thought it was simply the idea of you, which it still very much may be, but I am drowning here in the concept of you. Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but the silence may also fool us into believing in an ideal that does not exist. The traces of you that I have known this past year have made me adore you to a point where I have searched these pages looking for you, trying to imagine that one of these letters was yours. It's some small strange hope I have based on the way you listen, take things in turn, and pause when confronted with me. I hope to never let you know how fragile I am. I keep going, working my way through conversations, or otherwise working in silence, interpersonal relations that have nothing to do with anything really. All attempts to bring myself back down to a reality I can accept and live out, without complicating your life, my life or this situation we exist in. I may hate myself for never saying anything to you about the way I feel, but I could not survive your rejection or the reality that may exist outside of my imagination. I am shivering, anxious, and nervous in your presence. Forgive me please. I find that it is a result of words I cannot say. I am editing my reactions and language as I look at you. Emotionally inept, I think I could disappear in you. I am afraid to disappear in you. I am so petrified that you could be everything and anything to me. Affection is so very simple and yet I have complicated it to the point that I sometimes cry when I think of you. It has been ages since I have believed in anything. In the past I have been a pragmatic and intellectual lover and so very far from human. You have made me abandon my safety and accidentally forced me to feel far too much. I am trying to find some kind of explanation here that will simplify and balance the chemistry that I cannot control when I am near you. How did I ever let myself fall so far into this one-sided love affair? 4:17pm, November 7th, facing west, on an overcast day, I have matched your eyes to the sky and told you everything. I may only hope that one day I tell your flesh. i dreamed that you wrote this for me...

- Tue Dec 14 12:32:45 2004
...yet another that I wrote down, and a pattern starts to emerge. There it was again: difficult, desperate work to be done in the wake of death. This time it was Mom, Grandpa, and Anne, a family friend, all currently alive in waking hours, the other half of the family. I struggled to help two young, frightened Hindu kids change the paintjob of their open-cockpit biplane to read "People's Republic of China Ministry of Tourism" so that it wouldn't get shot down. My brother, Eric, was there to help too. We had to keep slathering coats of cadet-blue paint on the fuselage, wings, and tail as each piece of distressing news reached us. Fernando (my caffeinated Chilean Spanish prof) wandered around the dream, his beard grown full and his eyes newly covered by big madman glasses (in waking hours, he'd recently told me I look like Clark Kent). He was in another life a famous actor, but wanted nothing to be seen or heard of this.

- Mon Dec 13 4:00:01 2004
one more, because I can and it's a good way to avoid work Once while visiting NYC I dreamt I was back in my house in Chicago suburbia and that a single-engine prop plane was continually buzzing the house, lower and lower each passing day. Finally on the fourth day there was a terrific crash following the buzzing and going outside my mom and I were met by a pencil-moustached Frenchman who had climbed from the plane wreckage. He told us he was an anthropologist and paleontologist and that he had been following the radio signal of his female personal assistant/sex slave, who shortly pulled up in our backyard in an army-surplus jeep with a mars light and siren. Before we knew it Frenchman and slave had conscipted us into digging holes all over the backyard, looking for the monster he had pursued his whole life. The seasons changed from late spring to swelteringly humid late summer, by which time we had dug holes everywhere. We'd extracted huge rib bones like the dinosaur ribs that always tip Fred Flintstone's car. One especially deep hole resembled a well and soon enough had filled with blood. The other holes followed suit. The Frenchman proclaimed that we had struck the monster's terrible vast carcass and that we must go inside to find paper towels to soak up the blood. Somehow, I complied and after an eternity of searching found some in the basement. When I came up the stairs I saw that a foot of snow had fallen outside. I opened the sliding back door and the Frenchman, who had been sitting propped against it outside, fell across the threshold. "Are you dead??" I asked, shaking him. At first, no response, but then... a cryptic and maniacal grin, and he sprang up and ran away over endless snowfields. I didn't care to follow him. When I reached the especially deep well-hole I saw that the blood was gone and the hole was filled with the 70 members of a European winter sports team, all in the fetal position, clad in matching blue ski jackets. "What the hell are you doing??" also "??Ay, carajo, que estan haciendo, idiotas??" but they ignored me. I remember thinking they were about to get devoured by the big freaking monster under my backyard when I woke up in a cold sweat.
- Mon Dec 13 0:13:46 2004
Once when I was very young I dreamt my mother was riding into battle in an old German command car. Not wearing a uniform or anything, just definitely in charge of the situation. It was a brilliant bright clear-skied day in European spring and there were puffs of flak floating overhead, and shockingly green grass with craters and torn barbed wire. Later, when I woke up, she told me that I'd sleepwalked into the living room and pointedly asked her "Why did you declare war??" and then immediately rushed back into bed.
Mike <kalnin_m@denison.edu>
- Sun Dec 12 23:44:28 2004
I was with a very pretty girl on a date at Burger King. We were sitting outside eating our fast food and we watched a small plane that said Florida Air on it slowly crash in the distance. We drove to scene to find everyone alive and well. We later came to find that all the people on the plane were the founders of the town we were in. This girl I was with had the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. I couldn't stop looking at them the entire time.
VA - Sun Dec 12 20:22:21 2004
I dreamt Fri night-Sat morning (months ago) that Uncle Lauris and Great-Aunt Aina and Vēcemams all died on the same day and that Dad, and I were desperately racing around in his dull-red rusted '86 Maxima to pick up highly sought-after legal documents from scumbag client in suburban bungalow--sickeningly tentative tension of late May morning. We pulled up in front of the bungalow and Dad left the turn signal on as he raced inside, carrying knowledge of the three deaths, brother, aunt, and mother, the anguish superseded by desperation and instinct demanding survival. Two plainclothes hilljack cops pulled up and cuffed him as he exited with the documents--on the basis of the forgotten turn-signal alone. Though his hair and moustache had completely grayed over years ago, his face remained smooth and unwrinkled--so terrible was visible remnant of youth long since yanked into oblivion by undertow of tribulation and respectability --and it reddened and tears fell incongruously from fleetingly-handsome face onto estate-sale tie of most stubborn and unrelenting bastard that ever lived--my Dad. Awake: Next day I found out that, although expectedly, my Uncle Lauris really had passed away in the night. Also worth noting is that my Dad died two years ago, and my grandmother a year before that.
Mike <kalnin_m@denison.edu>
OH US - Sat Dec 11 19:33:42 2004
have you ever noticed how you've never seen tim hurley and vanilla ice together at the same time?

- Sat Dec 11 14:33:54 2004
This time, my dreams are becoming so much more powerful and insightful, that I had to share this one. (g-this is for you to read!) I was in a boat, a LUXURY boat, with my son, room to room, with lots of men around, asking me if I would like assistance......If I needed help finding my way to the bathroom. No. No, thanks though, I replied. Then before I know it.......the boat, or this fookin' yacht is a flippin' blow up thingie.........and it's loosing air........and my son and I are going under.......alone. I yell and Call for him, and he's stuck in this.......and I can only get out, until they get some air into it, then everyone can get back in. and I'm yelling, My son! Then I see a policeman approaching me, talking, but I dont hear the words, and I'm crying, my wieghtless body falls to the ground, as I am striken with grief, and all I see on the ground is the cement. No detail, no message, and then I hear.........the cop says..."maa'm did you hear that??" and I cried, nodding my head no, and when I hear him talking about my son...I wake up.....shaking cold.
IN USA - Thu Dec 9 0:17:14 2004
I dreamt I was in my backyard, exploring the wonder that is a backyard, ended up in my neighbors backyard, I than got a supor power and destroyed my neighbothood so it was nothin but a giant crator, I had the Fruitbats "echollocation" album to listen to for the rest of my life alone in beautiful giant crator, thank you perishable for providing good music.
jason <someone_pissed_in_the_hibachi@yahoo.com>
md usa - Wed Dec 8 20:16:26 2004
I was at a gas station, laughing and giggling, when I turned, I saw my son mount a motor cycle. When I went to get him off of it......someone turned as they were pouring gas, because he started the motorized form of transportation...as I yell "NO NO get Off of there....." with extreme fear.......some guy walking around the corner, puts his smoke out on the ground, not noticing the situation at hand. The smoke lights the gas, the gas starts on fire, and before I know it, my son is undeniably on fire. I run I scream........I cry.......in shame, that I turned my head for a minute.......and he's on fire. Next thing I know: I'm at a hospital, I can smell it too.......the hospital smells, and a nurse brings me to my child's room.........he wasn't damaged physically by the fire, though you could hear him screaming in pain......his body just changed form. As if he was another person, yet still my child on the inside. I wake up in fear. Again.
Mick ki ki ki <nunya@whereever.com>
IN USA - Sun Dec 5 10:18:12 2004
oh. stacks and stacks of plates. upon plates.
anna rae <okayghost@gmail.com>
IN United States - Sun Nov 28 18:18:57 2004
I had the worst nightmare in ages. A reoccuring theme though......my son is missing in my dream, and he's "known" to be dead, we just can't find him. Lost, terrors in the night, signaling me left or right, too restless to toss or turn, feeling like I am in a car, ready to crash or burn, metaphorically. everyone's calling my name, his name, my dog's name, yet I can't seem to slip away to safety.........and i see the dreaded priest, handing me a bag, saying that, the limbs or whatever we can find of my child's.........should be kept in here, all of this is in GODS plan. throw the bag away, simplistic solving is no where near, and my feet are walking for me, with the tears of redeption.......falling to the ground. what have I done or said.........to deserve this, where is my son.........climbing emotional walls and remaining still......I'm still missing a peice of this puzzle....and I lack ambition to find where it is at, scared of the results. Old schools, new places, and fear surrounds me, yet I smile and retain happiness where ever I go. Until I find out the news.......and I awake in a fear.......and I shake.
sissie to gina
indiana - Mon Nov 22 14:10:59 2004
dream one: i was in my backyard humpimg someone (or something, don't remember who/what), i got bored with it and decided to walk around to my front yard, at this point i was aware i was dreaming, very lucid dream, and very nastalgic, i started feelng lonely and worried that i might wake up soon if i dont do something soon, so decide to make some friends!...i walk out on the street trying to get cars to stop, i jump in front of the cars and say "hey, whats up!" some cars stop but the people inside don't look very attractive, so i think fuck 'em, i'm alone her might aswhell make up now, what a wasted dream i think, at this point i start flying around, spinning around my yard and my house, i head up towards the sky, i hit the top of the sky, it's like my ceiling inside my house with those funny looking designs, i'm disapointed that there was'nt much up there, than i wake up. dream two: i'm at my grandma's house, mostly just hanging out but my mind is all screwed up, like i'm on acid or something, lots of trippy shit i'm seeing, at one point i decide to take apart the couch i was sitting on, lots of boards and shit to play with, someone from the other room says "if you taking apart that couch i'm gonna make sure you don't leave here with your balls!", "oh shit" I think, got bored with it and next thing i know i'm at a mall, the mall part is a little hazy, but anyways at some point i get to my house, I start playing with my garden, there's lots of new flowers and shit that i did'nt have in real life garden, I like 'em, there big and pretty, soon after i moved on from my garden, realized i was dreaming and at first i thought "awesome, i'm dreaming! i can do anything i want!", but i realise i got nothing to do, i look around for somewhere to walk to but i know i'll be awake before i get anywhere i wnt to go, i feel lonely, i fight off waking up somehow and notice some flowers on a string above me, i like it, i stare at for a while and start to fly up, spinning round and round i head up towards the sky, this time i dont hit no ceiling, i just keep going into a bright light and than wake up.
Jason <someone_pissed_in_the_hibachi@yahoo.com>
MD USA - Sat Nov 20 15:48:44 2004
I dreamt of my sister again, this time she was calling to me, through her own dream. I left my body, only to realize comming back was not a reality. I was in a state of panic......and ended up back in kimberly.....with her as a baby, she was smiling, and I held her hand. -Mick ki ki ki

IN usa - Tue Nov 16 14:19:27 2004
I'm walking through a large underground sewer system with my two best friends. We come across a small dumpster on our left. In our path is a diaper. I run forward and kick the diaper like a football. Out of the diaper pops a human heart. The different valves and openings were black and white. (the heart wasn't grey, each valve was pure black or white). It soars through the air and sticks to the wall of the sewer, and then I woke up.
dan <halfcab2@excite.com>
Il usa - Sun Nov 14 20:38:41 2004
zz top, all covered in mud, put out a fire with the music generated from their guitars. the fire is at the location of what used to be a bank, which then turned into a chinese restaurant in my hometown. in the dream this place has become a high rise ghetto and the mud keeps the flames from wounding zz top.
nate geisler <nategeisler@yahoo.com>
MI United States - Sun Oct 31 14:58:39 2004
I'm standing in front of my school and everyone I knew was there. I see a creepy guy walk up to me and I am too scared to move. He takes out a gun and aims it on my forehead and everyone continues to do their own buisness, like I wasn't there. I cried out for help but nobody even glanced at me. Everyone disappeared except for my friends and my crush and there. They are watching me as the guy slowly pulls the trigger. I begin to cry and call out for their help but they begin to laugh and the bullet was shot. The ground broke from under me and I fell into my version of what I think hell looks like and there was the guy again. He took of his hat and he was the most scariest guy I have ever seen in my entire life! He had no lips and no nose and there was no eyes, just bloody sockets! I screamed in pain as he took out the gun and shot me again.
I Don't Have One <l33tstar0007@yahoo.com>
Ireland - Thu Oct 28 18:24:43 2004
she spent the last three months on a psychiatric unit where she received electroconvulsive therapy, was prescribed a variety of psychotropic drugs and met and chatted with an actress who is in the jackie chan movie, around the world in 80 days...

- Thu Oct 28 12:41:33 2004
what happened to Meghan

- Tue Oct 26 14:11:06 2004
i'm at work, falling asleep, dreaming about being a work and falling asleep. ugh.

- Mon Oct 18 21:07:57 2004
there were dry holes across my chest. maybe 5 of them or more. i picked through them with a tweezer-like tool digging out ivy covered bullets. no pain or blood was involved. i felt it. no numbness but no pain. felt more hygenic than surgical. the bullets were beautiful. had a nice weight to them like jewels. the ivy was tiny and perfect and very much alive. parasitic microscopic. can't remember what i did with the bullets. i know i should have gotten rid of them but i really liked them. i'm throwing them away now. there. all gone.

- Mon Oct 11 13:07:17 2004
I had a dream that I saw my sister in all white, and flying high, like a pixie. When all of a sudden, I see her fall to the ground, and she melts into the dry earth!! I awake in a cold sweat, and this is the second time I had this dream. My sister reads this dream board.....hence me putting it here. Love you sissie. xxoo mickiki
Mickikikiki <micki70k@hotmail.com>
IN - Fri Oct 8 10:38:49 2004
huge balloon tits. nipples as huge as the frontal cylinder of these beasts. getting dressed in very complicated 14th century costume, getting ready to dance with an old partner. he's an old nobleman who has lost any sense of youth many years ago. he's very bookish, i am dressing in a bright red embroidered ensemble, so many hooks and straps, also wig and white make-up. the dream is about the process, and prolonging it as long as i can, choosing the dress with the most complicated form, slightly applying make-up every half an hour or so. i do not want to be delivered.

- Sat Oct 2 9:53:12 2004
are you using sports as an outlet for used creative energy? maybe you should try making something. there, professional diagnosis. or just enjoy them...

- Thu Sep 30 19:44:52 2004
i'm 32 yeaars old now, and never figured nocturnal emissions occured at this late stage in life. nevertheless, i had another one. This time i was in the midst of a pile-up on the football field, struggling to get the ball. everyone fully clothed, well padded, and dammit the ball was somewhere down at the bottom. i remember my shoulder pad strap got caught on someone's jersey, just as consciousness began to seep through my swollen eyelids. "No. It couldnt be." But it was. All wet down there. I dont know if its normal to have midlife wet dreams about football games, but the last one i had revolved around my having sex with a white, hi-top leather tennis shoe. If you can help me, i'm here to be helped. liposuctor@excite.com
mrd. <liposuctor@excite.com>
il usa - Thu Sep 30 6:12:41 2004
Red Red Meat's "Bunny Gets Paid," album changed the way I listen to music.

- Mon Sep 27 3:23:54 2004
I was In a room that looked like my living room, but it wasn't my living room. It was some old mans living room and he had this long white beard and he kept eyeballing me funny. Apparently, they were having a garage sale, and i was looking at some lionel trains he had. One had a built in DVD player and was very expensive. There was a girl next to me now and she had the face of my girlfriend, but she wasn't my girlfriend, and was speaking to me about a "storage" area for their other items they were selling. "let's go!" I belted, and she walked behind me the whole time. We were walking outside in some sort of desert wasteland with big dirt hills all around, a kind of place you'd like to play war games as a child. We turned a corner and their was a pond. I turned and looked closer and their were bodies floating in it all of them skinned and decomposing. I turn to look at my girlfriend look alike and she began chopping off some poor soul's fingers and with it carrots, mushrooms, and tomatoes for what was some sort of macabre soup. I ran down the path and encountered two young men oncoming. I looked to the end of the path and saw thw old man pointing them onward to their greusome demise. I couldn't speak so I watched in horror as they were gutted and hacked up for this sick cult fantasy. Then a young Jack Nicholson,laying on his belly, wearing a dark, nicely fit black suit with no tie, smiled at me. He had the look of a demented man gone looney. He began to laugh insanly. then i woke.
Brian <bassman42473@aol.com>
il us - Fri Sep 17 14:59:49 2004
i lay half awake in the sheets with the sensation that you're leaving only you can't tell me because there's some real mysterious stuff at work and if you know then all will be spoiled only nobody knows what the hell this huge thing is anyway and what the hell it feels like ring around the rosies pockets full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down....

- Fri Sep 17 9:33:27 2004
i was playing the Guitar... Naked of course and yes my mother was singing the insanely german nazi lyrics, thats what us nazi's do... but yes i played harder and harder and cooler than ever BEFORE!!! and then i woke up... i was passed out in bed with my friend mr.potter and now i have a form of herpes on my lip!
Steven Douglas
- Thu Sep 16 17:37:26 2004
was once out strolling one very hot summer's day When I thought I'd lay myself down to rest In a big field of tall grass I laid there in the sun and felt it carressing my face As I fell asleep and dreamed I dreamed I was in a hollywood movie And that I was the star of the movie This really blew my mind The fact that me an overfed long haired leaping gnome Should be the star of a hollywood movie, hmmm But there I was I was taken to a place The hall of the mountain kings I stood high by the mountain tops Naked to the world In front of Every kind of girl There was long one's, tall ones, short ones, brown ones, Black ones, round ones, big ones, crazy ones Out of the middle, came a lady She whispered in my ear Something crazy Spill the wine dig that girl i could feel hot flames of fire roaring at my back As she disappeared, but soon she returned In her hand was a bottle of wine In the other a glass She poured some of the wine from the bottle into the glass And raised it to her lips And just before she drank it, she said take the wine dig that girl spill the wine, dig that girl spill the wine, dig that girl spill the wine, dig that girl take that girl, yeah! It's on girl, all you gotta do is spill that wine spill that wine, let me feel, let me feel hot, yeah! yeah! spill the wine, spill the wine, spill the wine, spill the wine, spill the wine, spill the wine, spill the wine, dig that girl!

- Thu Sep 16 17:33:07 2004
its too fucking bad people are littering the perishable dream page with texas hold em ads and lavitra ads. reminds me of a dream i had where all the energy used to light out door advertising on billboards was used for more positive things like fighting cancer or getting me laid.
- Tue Sep 14 0:56:52 2004
rich rich soil in the bottom of the building, plants, many, in and out of health. caring for them. japanese woman following me, doesn't understand my nature, tells me i am wrong to not feel confined in this practice, the joy i feel is wrong. she follows me like a disconnected shadow, with no real power. kindly i shrug her, contiune with life growing, place half realized greens into rich rich soil, hands like roots absorbant.
- Fri Sep 10 10:21:14 2004
today, there was this guy hanging out in the "quad" of my campus standing on this bench preaching from the bible. he was loud and gathered a crowd and was talking a whole lot of shit. i went inside a building a grabbed a phone book and went back out to the quad and read phone book entries at the top of my voice right next to him on the bench. he was there yesterday too. tomorrow ill come back with a megaphone and something more boring than a phone book, but just as true as the bible.
Oren Wagner
In - Thu Sep 9 16:32:15 2004
slipper wet desperation, soaked to your bones with it, freedom's in self mercy, look around your home...range tall grasses talk for your peace daily. angry for a pistol's potency, jealous of the phantoms what's inside the cake?

- Fri Sep 3 14:27:19 2004
kimk <bonesetsweet@hotmail.com>
slow/dirty/southernmemphis/ashville/jonas ridge/cocke county, TN/NC/GA US - Sun Aug 29 6:20:31 2004
my friend hung himself on my birthday. i dreamt that i was trying as hard as i could to get him out of the rope. there was a bottle of tequila,a morphine pill the size of a frisbee, a pile of white powder, a jar of moonshine soaked cherries, and he was wearing my pink dress (circa 1950's) with pink flowers. He was talking to me but i could not understand his words...there was writing on the wall (in betadine) telling me to bring him back or i would become an IV morphine addict and die a devil's got your soul kind of death. his skin dripped away and the bones remained dress still on and hanging by my guitar chord. i put on his clothes and ran. ther was a computer in my head and I could see what was going on in the world if it had anything to do with me. i kept seeing a hispanic man in a black suit,tie,hat(fedora)and silver teeth. he was carrying a black briefcase with a pistol-44 w/ a silencer. i still had another chance to save my friend. i had to write a fake script for 200mg MS CONTIN, crush them , and put it where his lips used to be. i knew i would die if i did this but i would have rather he live. i waited at the pharmacy counter for them to fill the fake script i wrote (the pad was in my pocket) i could see the man getting closer each second...he was screwing the silencer onto the gun and i started seeing many different ways my life could have played out had i made different choices along the way. i saw myself on stage playing/singing, as a carnie (complete w/ an ass pocket of EZRA BROOKS), i was a housewife to a white collar , soft, pudgy, balding man, i saw people i have loved dead in places where they would never be found. the pharmacist called me to come behind the counter. i thought he wanted a,"favor," for the dope. I kept trying to pocket at least 1 pill, but they were SO BIG. there was a swing near the loading doors in the back. he told me to sit there and wait because the morphine was on the truck outside and he would hook me up...the man was close..in the store...he was waiting in the lobby. then, he jumped the counter i saw all of my friends and family dead in horrific endings. he pulled the swing back while the pharmy kicked open the double metal doors. the swing and me swung out the doors where an ocean of cops filled the lot. i watched their faces as they shot hundreds of holes into me. i fell to the pavement and it staryed raining. the man stood over me laughing. his teeth turned from silver to black. my friend stood over me and told me that i killed him and everyone else...al i had to do was put the whit powder that was in a pile next to him while hanging, onto his lips. he spat towards me and said," Now you are safe, you don't have to live this way anymore."
kim koehler <mjuroff@hotmail.com>
mind very - Fri Aug 27 21:35:25 2004
Last night… I was living on a Colonial Style farm with my family, like in one of those PBS shows where they take folks from the city and implant them in Amish like surroundings. Anyway, my brother finds a bicycle in the barn and crashes its rusty body into a tree and is killed instantly. My parents start digging a grave for him when my Grandmother decides she wants to ride the bike, I tell her not to but she does anyway and crashes and dies too, leaving a trail of feet and hands behind. My parents decide that 2 deaths in the same day might raise suspicion from local authority so they wrap both bodies in black trash bags and load them onto a coal powered train to bury them somewhere off our property. My dad is taking photographs of my mom and the trash bags and the grave we just dug for my brother and Grandmother. I’m not really sad or put off by any of this, I just want to get back home and dismantle the bicycle before it kills anyone else.
Oren Wagner
Indiana - Thu Aug 26 16:55:44 2004
A couple nights ago… I was an exotic bird farmer, raising yellow and green birds in small cages. My lead academic advisor from school stops by to see if I want to go power walking with her. I decide to take a well needed break from farming birds and power walk around the dusk covered campus of my university. I told my advisor that I’ve had this Ricky Martin song stuck in my head for days, “She bangs, She bangs.” Still singing the same melody, “I don’t know any of the other words to this song.” My advisor has a good laugh at my dispense and power walks far far away from me like she doesn’t know me.
Oren Wagner
Indiana - Thu Aug 26 16:52:14 2004

legs were hanging in the closet, dressed in stocking layers pink black white, hat covers eyes, not fit for the ceremonies, forget about old long blue drink in a paper wing folded butter cream palm storytelling tail feathered farther pangs lettin' larger walking steps coming thru

- Mon Aug 16 14:50:50 2004
the setting (not in the dream): camped out on the side of the road that runs from Canada to Spokane, ca. 2 am. Literally the side of the road. I'm asleep in the the popped top of a VW vanagon. the setting in the dream: the same vehicle, day time. I'm cleaning the van out, and then i blink and i'm outside, except that i notice that seem to have bypassed leaving the car. it seems to me that i must be dreaming, so i decide to walk across the field where the vanagon is sitting. the thing is, i can't remember how to walk. or move. it was trippy as all hell, to be paralyzed in my own dream world. at least it was sunny. that damn movie seriously messed with my head. (waking life - it's entertaining if preachy and mind altering if in a very contrived way.)
sam <westisdersam@aol.com>
AK - Mon Aug 9 4:50:07 2004
I dreamt I looked out my bedroom window and looked across the street to see the ghost of anne frank, just when I thought I saw her, she disappeared, and than a loud heavenly voice started singing (I could hear it start from across the street as it made it's way towards me) and than my vision was suddenly split in two, half of my sight was being blinded by a white light brighter than the sun, the other half seemed to be a black shadow of a figure of a man, and than, a heavenly voice like a loud trumpet blast spoke, "Am I complete?...Do you complete me?"...it repeated this sevarel times, I was too terrified to speak or even think, suddenly I was awake, dream over, I'm assuming this was God?
Jason <Someone_Pissed_in_the_Hibachi@Yahoo.com>
MD USA - Fri Aug 6 19:41:43 2004
thick eternal light driven first eyes, fresh skin universal visit, i do, visit, i do, bodiless lightness don't think about the formula that took you out must be like high but sleepy eyed must be something for me... only me ain't the one to be.
- Fri Aug 6 17:31:50 2004
I'm finishing up my undergrad only it takes place at my hometown catholic highschool that has moved from nebraska to milwaukee.Graduation time nears and everyone but the teachers and I, it seems, can think of nothing but the after parties and such. The war situation was really imploding and there was an eminent feeling of the end. At one point, I'm sitting in a conference writing a critique/review and GWB is speaking and somehow the whole thing turns into a talkshow and I challenge him to a cook-off. Unfortunately and much to my surprise, he had some secret investigation going and knew of my vegetarian ways. He actually gave my dish a run for its money- his was actually a beautiful beet and summer veggie salad dish, but thankfully,I ended up winning. Soon thereafter, international relations were reduced to the US vs. Iraq as all other nations vowed to live their last days as peacefully as their respective cultures could manage. I was met with two angel figures, a male, Francisco and a girl, Alloi. Their presences were remarkably comfortable and obviously they offered clarity and wisdom but really hanging out with them wasn't much different than any other friends of this-worldly persuasion. A few days before graduation, all communication systems shut down-newspapers, telephones, tv, radio, internet--everything. I remember looking at the last newspaper that went to press just hours before the blackout and thinking how trivial the headlines were. Somehow, people adapted even to these constraints and life went on pretty much as before. The night of graduation, I was conversing into the wee hours with a group of friends including the afforementioned. Frantically, I began proposing revolutionary tactics that we could somehow employ immediately to postpone the insuing din. After denouncing my red twist-tie human formation plot, and several others, Alloi confirmed that the only possible way of delaying and/or potentially shifting the course of the apocolypse was if the US completely disarmed and offered themselves honestly as companions of this world. She assured us that it essentially mattered little what any other country decided or presumed,becuase to make any step toward a common ground or compromise, we have to be the one to put ourselves on the line first. With this, I rallied a group and we set off in my mother's mini-van to spread the word. Natural disasters of all kinds had slaughtered the area, and Lake Michigan had flooded so much that our entire drive to the shore was under water (We could see clearly but the bubbles rising from the engine indicated our submergence). To my left was a wooded area parallelling the coast and there was a a long wooden bridge cutting through it from the road to the shore and this small strip was not underwater. I got out and walked down it to find large groups of people diligently (even pleasantly) working with various tools, brushes, etc. to scrape away the scum of lake remains and pollution that he flood had deposited on everything. WIth awe, I picked up a brush and joined in the effort to preserve the integrity of this small piece of land and water in the face of so-called larger adversities.
lacey <laxilia@hotmail.com>
mo usa - Wed Aug 4 19:41:12 2004
I wake up in my bed and I can't move (very common theme). I start to panic as I hear someone else in the room, sitting in the seat next to my bed. I calm a little bit when I realize its my roommate. He slowly stands up and grabs my hand out from under my head. I can't speak to him to ask for help with paralyzation, and he just shakes my hand and says, "You won't be seeing me again." Then he places my hand back under my head and walks out of the room. I helplessly lie paralyzed for what feels like an agonizing eternity until I finally snap out of it and wake up. It felt so real I had to ask him if he had been in my room, but he said he had just been working on the computer all night.
Gavin Potts <Gavin@gavinpotts.com>
NM United States - Sun Aug 1 11:16:59 2004
it's like every other dream I've had. I'm alone, walking on a road bound to no where. Suddenly, a car pulls up, and parks beside me. A man, with a green face and red horns, steam coming out of his mouth, maggots swarm around his bald head, and he asks, "Wanna a lift." "Sure," I respond; Who would pass up a free ride?
Douglas James <lycius_down@yahoo.com>
IL United States - Wed Jul 28 18:06:39 2004
I also wrote the story of the indians, but this one's longer i am in the amazone. all around me there's a swamp. I can't look very far, because there a green fog, that only allows me to see for a few feet. I am on an island, in the middle of the swamp. I have a house there. It is completly made of glass. I turn my tv on. It's the same on every channel. It's a woman, walking trough my house.But she couldn't have gone inside. I have no door. Al though everything's made of glass, I can't see her anywhere. She's very scary. I think that she came out of the swamp, into my house, because she filthy. There is mud all over her body. I still haven't seen her in reality, only on tv. On tv, she is now walking up the stairs. She is dissapeared from the tv.I try to turn the tv off, butt i can't. There is mud on the stairs. I get really scared now. I diside to go and have a look upstairs. She's not there. I hear noises from downstairs. There are people rising from the swamp. There all very scary. They have bright, green eyes. Some of them don't have any eyes. I awake.
rick <rick_de_kikker_14@hotmail.com>
netherlands - Sat Jul 24 4:14:00 2004
The dream begins. I am in a forest. There are a lot of mountains. Everything in the forest is blue. It's night. I am in a tent. Still in the forest. Next to me there are indians. The indians are awaking evil spirits.When the spirit has awakend, the indians trap the evil spirit inside a small, colourful stone. It's a ritual they do every night. They ask me if i want to try it. I anwer yes, because the indians make me eel very safe. It goes wrong. The evil spirit has ascaped. The indians have dissapeared, and a couple of the stones are missing. I panic, and I leave the tent straight away. First there where 3 tents. Now there gone. I run far into the forest, while the spirits chase me. I awake. Tell me what this dream means, please
rick <rick_de_kikker_14@hotmail.com>
netherlands - Sat Jul 24 3:58:56 2004
as the rooms of the house fill with water, giant octopus cuddles against my arms and midsection, the gesture is one of a fight for survivial, the octo is painfully soft, and other friends of mine are caught in the tangled tenticles half thrust underwater. they are sleeping and my fight will take me under if i struggle quickly. the octopus matches my movements, and like tug of war with a dog, i can only gain ground as i am given the opportunity. soon i do escape, and as i fly upwards in the air i see it all with a beautiful aireal (sp?) point of view. i photograph the simple creature, and watch it float in and out of the viewfinder in the camera. there are friends of mine which the octopus spits into the current of the water, my mother is wearing glasses and wants her makeup done in the middle of it, i can't believe her request. i do realize we are of seperate dimensions, so i relent, and begin to appply her makeup. it takes no longer than two minutes to understand that she is wearing details of her face so extravegantly that it becomes impossible to accomplish the look she must want. demands from my mother and survival with the octopus, all in the mansion. i slip out the window.

I looked at the dirt, and put my hand through my hair. Then i looked up. All i could see on the horizon was fire. Fire as far as i could see. And it was getting closer. I looked to my left and my house was behind me. It had a tint of red, but all behind it was this dark red and black sky. Next to my house was a field of corn black and red like everything else, but with a tiny tint of yellow. I looked back in front of me, towards the fire. And there was burning fields with some concrete. I looked to my right and there was a girl standing there. Standing with me. She had brown hair and brown eyes and little beanie. Pail skin and some freckles. She had a camera and i asked her to take pictures of this because i forgot my camera.
eric <confusionissex00@hotmail.com>
england -
I dreamt myself jacking off slowly on a moonlit pier
Wiener John
he moves through a bridge, he makes himself into form that can move through a bridge, through the stone and metal. he becomes, i dunno, whatever formless thing that can move through things. this bridge is being used by the "evil" people in the dream. he is moving through it at speed, and as he does it breaks down. dissolves. i dont remember all of it but later he confronts a dragon on the last part of the mostly dissovled bridge. opens his mouth. it morphs hugely, he becomes white and glowing and swallows the dragon up. (yeah, i know, but it really was like this) later i go to be with him, it being known that iam the "queen" and i go to wipe the dragon bits off his face and he is very cross at me. we dont talk. i realize i didnt show proper respect to a dragon-eating king, i didnt ask first..."your highness, may i wipe the dragon spludge off your face...?" i feel mad at myself that iam being domestic in the presence of magical things. the end
grey queen
baby is nice and sends an invite to fat girl heather for healing that inactive drive of hers, it hurts and running...sleep with his friend whose name is mike in a convention of marketers and the bed is a seat we don't have a ticket for. jump through the thousands, up the road latched and hindged, to a bus of condemed coolness, all styled up and off to the next world these kids go. i am not going. sweater and hat and adventure, not following, find baby's riddled black destruction van and it dissasembles while i drive past nowhere fields with advertisments for schools, hanging in free space. the front of the machine is now completely gone and i learn to compensate for it's lean. other's i know, on broken streets, share me their cookies as i watch the torn looks on everyone's face. they are tired of looking like german's expressions.
There was a tour guide showing us around an airport. The architecture was vast, almost future gothic but well lit and like an airport. There weren't any steps really, just ramps (see H.P. Lovecraft "mntns of madness")everywhere. the tour guide said, "...and over hear is the section of the airport that was closed off when the robots invaded." I'm not making any of this up, i swear. In the next sequence i was walking up some steps whose appearance was very rude, as if carved out of rock. The stairwell, too, was cavernlike but every inch of the walls and the steps was covered in broken tile mosaic, earthtones, brown, burnt umber, what have you. Inset in the cave/stair case wall (i was moving up the steps by the way) were stained glass windows of...(flourish of trumpets) the king of pop, Michael Jackson. they were back lit by some un named light source. White glove shimmering in stained glass. It was very impressive. All of this was way before Jacko's recent scandals by the way. I reached the top of the steps and found myself in another airport concourse. I was just walking along when i spotted M.J. ahead of me in real life,right there in the airport. I wasn't star struck or anything like that. Instead of saying something, "Hey M.J.", or, "jeez, nice pants man." I opened my mouth and yelled in a resounding falsetto, a la the intro to "ABC 123", "HEY GIRL!" the end.
joe <mojojo33>
ky us of a -
dreamt of tearing off my own feet and writing songs about them. chanting at them. my feet looked like bubbly cartoon feet and they weren't real at all. that's why i could tear them off of my body to poke at.

that's beautiful.

I want to talk to someone so bad it hurts, but there is all this attitude and chaff, like actual psychic interference. Old memories, the understanding of the posturing and the slipperyness and prickliness from both the other, and me. I have this thing in me that wants to come out to them, and wants them to understand it, even if not at first, and I feel like theere is something there from them that I might know, and I see the gulf full of sharks and leeches, sucking away the meaning. I feel the way two people can misunderstand each other as a curse and a misfortune- a real bad luck and damned state of being- between this one and me. I feel sparkling gemstones of all that really makes living worthwhile resting in my chest, and I have seen bright sparks in the other. But then it all went to shit and all the treasures lay rotting. It hurts. and all the outside advice to soothe me rings tinny and second hand, and the other is a thousand miles away and everything I could ever want to say is ruined by a thousand trite coinventions and subtle treacheries. I am full of turned away gifts and feel childlike shamed and wronged. and adultlike know it really doesnt need to be this way, but can't understand how to make it right. Don't give advice. I just wanted it said.

Running running running running (wind) running running (face distorts, convulses) stop, blank stare ahead (scratching metal echoing through long hallway) feeling like I'm not alone (needles jambing into an anonymous arm all at once) deep anxiety deep anxiety deep anxiety (face silently screaming)
Evan <Zombifier12@aol.com>
yes,like that. done it all except the pee thing. every first rain, out in the streets. once in a river. and it's true, i always want to pee...good advice.

babptise yerself in the street, when it's raining so bad that the water is up on the sidewalk. Then pee. right there. layin in the water. really. sgonna work. promise.

i was signing thank you notes to all the people that gave me baptism gifts. small black cards. i got baptized when i was 2 months old. woke up wanting to get baptized again. woke up with lots of questions. anybody know a good baptizer?

in an elevator, approaching my apartment on the third floor, lamenting the absence of a doorman. while imagining what he might look like, jolly no doubt, my elevator dislodges itself and begins to walk towards an old art deco building. i silently ask my imaginary doorman if he thinks it would take me to mexico, and he answers "yo quiero de sirte que te amo, perro..."and vanishes. seated inthe now open entrance of my eight legged elevator, i swing my own legs back and forth. i notice the wind pick up, even though i am stationary my long curly hair becomes entangled in the breeze and my face. against the dusk's blue small herds of red paper airplanes coast by drawing my attention to my left...
kicked out of the observation deck quiet firefly to my right drunken sailor to my left

i don't want to talk about my dream. i want to know how to recover from a dream hangover. i had a really fucked up dream, and when i woke up, i had scratched up my leg with 2 inch long gashes, and they were bleeding. now my head is stuck in the dream, and i feel like shit. does anyone have problems leaving their dreamstate and getting back to the reality of waking life? i don't remember a damn thing about the scratches. didn't feel a thing.
Driving the Dan Ryan on a Friday night and XRT plays "Your Golden Ass" ... unfortunately... now i know i was dreaming.
Im downtown, two kids are starting to dance, one breaks out some old street style, the other matching his motion in all but form, executing ballet moves. a crowd gathers, amongst them are friends. I turn to Chris and say, "in New York, they've got M&M's as big as hamburgers", He smiles. *** Later, the strange dark woman walks through my home/place of work, scooping up tips blithely, I go to tap her shoulder and it is a young lady I know. I tell her she is stealing from me and she has to pay it back, so she drops her pants, but there are too many people around. We scramble from place to place looking for somewhere to finish the deed, but keep getting interrupted by old eastern European grannies looking out of 4 pane windows and dogs and kids approaching on the broken cobbled brick streets in the distance.
grease covered rubber ducks in cattails and mud. emptied my pocket of barbituates. she called me while I was sleeping. i picked up the guitar instead of answering but i was trying to answer. woke up alone with a two beer hangover. couldn't find the phone. barbituate colored urine (the color of cracked and sunstained old yellow rubber). pissed on my own feet. in the cold shower: couldn't get the grease from the cracks of my thumbs.
ca -
at the water again, you know, That water. many animals (strange ones) come out of it and give me a kiss. they all seem to have the appropriate anatomy for the task. long pucker snoots, big squooshy things.
dogs with brick teeth line the streets/ i think they are hungry for human meat/ the entire time im impressed by the fine masonry of their doggie dentists instead of running like hell/
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
CO -
There is a man looking for my friend. I am going to sleep and the man is a stalker(?) and stays in the house, so I get up and go to the kitchen to cook food. I am cooking corn with cheese in it, the cheese from a mac'n'cheese box, and messing with the kitchen faucet that wont run. all of this while the menacing gentleman in the living room waits. Thankfully, another roommate arrives and there is a girl behind me, telling me that someone has botched this fabric up badly, and to make leather from cloth you need two layers, that one layer of cloth can only make suede. I look at her, and she is pretty in a very trashy way. seems kind of intelligent. My mother gets a call from my crazy aunt, and stays on the phone while I look for some kind of tool from her desk drawer full of brushes, candles, crochet hooks and notebooks, cards, papers covered with writing. The girl behind me says we can stop working because it's three p.m. and that’s when people normally start working. My mother hangs up the phone, and I roll up the windows and lock the doors because she is coming and looks pissed at me for going through her desk. She just throws her hands up and growls in exasperation as she walks past the front of the car.
I was processing a draft of some kind of project or book I was working on and running it through this printer-like machine to check for errors or typos. After the program ran, these flat rectangular tubes of lip gloss starting churning out of its tray with clear plastic tops and labels of contents. One in particular caught my eye and my fancy -- it was a reddish plum shade with bits of shimmer from some kind of glitter mixed into it. I flipped the tube right-side up and saw that the name of the color was 'shitting pretty'.

started in a dining room, many friends in attendance, sitting and laughing and drinking, but somewhere throughout the course of the night, i realize that there is no wine in our wine glasses, yet everyone pretends to be drinking. confused, i begin around the table, asking each person why they are pretending to drink and be merry when their cups are empty. no one answers. g

I dream of being able to simultaneously relive quitting all of the jobs I have ever had, and then I would explode with heavenly joy.
down from the trees and into this mammoth cave. in a former life (or this one?) i was a neanderthal, a genuine monkey’s nephew. sick off spoiled meat. beating my fellow avunculocal cave dwellers with sticks. twisting rings into the tongue. giving birth to the first language. hard consonant sounds reverberated in my skull. subvocalizing and imitating the noise. repeating it over and over like a tangible mantra. it’s flat now. the world is flat. fire is king. creation, inventions are being realized. perfected. hair on knuckles, covered with crude paint from my cave drawings. opposable thumb wrapped around a stick that is beating my potential predator, or my potential prey.
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
CO -
The two that were in the room with me turned black and threatening, and i tried to gather my things to leave , but in the end just turned and fled.....in the car , driving away and escaping i turned and saw the monkey in the seat beside me, he screamed and fusssed and i got scared, and as the fear washed over me , the landscaped changed and i could no longer see until i pushed the fear from my mind and then the world returned in my sight and the monkey dissapeared to the place where the fear had gone.I reached the carnivel in the twilight dusk with it's blue light cast over the ground, and it's display of oddities in my reach...there was no blackness there, and I felt safe at last.
Teri Lacey <tikiteri@hotmail.com>
Fought a big guy pretty well, but they decided a duel was still neccessary. Bought a gun with no bullets at a highschool bizarre(fair). When seeing bruises from fight, both call off gun duel because of the pride both were already willing to keep. I had a new gun in my pocket when the world ended. The sky turned black with bugs. They entered the air vent system. The whole high school campus had to climb a mountain to get to a different land. The bugs, like Locus, carried a fly disease and anyone who wished to live had to move in the long line of people. Me and a couple friends were the leaders of this line. Some of these friends can walk beside me even though I know they've been in terrible accidents. It seemed as if they've overcome everything just to be in front of that line. I was asked about the giant I fought and his name was Joesph, and asked if all people of that name were as big as the Joesph from the Bible. We reached a town with a big foothill mountains, our family's homes were at the bottom. I knew I could probably get bullets there. The few leaders and myself argued over the spare-city and value of the town. The mountains were key to our survival. We were going to stop at a man's house. I made a point to visit my uncle down the block. I kept thinking of the cats by the abandoned highschool cafeteria and their cries of hunger I knew would only lead to their starvation.
Scott McDonald <ssscore@yahoo.com>
CA USfuckn'A -
The colors were red and black and ocean. Her name was a friendly reminder like yesterday; or the rocky trail of my intent. The atmosphere rained with clouds and smiley-faces, spraying the fields of people with poisoned cologne. She was an ovary of glue that found and bound me underneath the blanketed grains of sand. And from there, a long journey of unconditional provocations brought us close like a cry from her stomach. I signed her like a book, on her thigh without another in a contract or prescription. Like a bag full of living or a shadow stalking compassion, contentment filled her cheeks. The two of us, untidily banished, were related like a man and a woman, on the move for centuries without a wrinkle in time or a child of a restraint. Her womb, balanced upon my index finger, is a snake; the green headed correlation biding the face of mine. The never-ending tour of lights picked out the flowers of the land and planted them about her arms. What a perfect silhouetted statue. Emotions fruited leaves from her stone limbs and jutting belly, which coaxed a half empty glass to be half full. She spat. Against the spastic circulating ground I devoured her dubious produce from the orbs of my hands and knees. I absorbed the nutrients of her rubbish. Like the fading echo of her laugh; ringing and protruding over the land, there is nothing left. Words are of no poverty. They only hinder her moment’s existence. She speaks from the blacks of her pupils, no utter of words, only the music of silent communication through the breezed air, “I wish to know you more than words. I aspire to be your opinion, reside in your secret inclination where syllables are the rapper of man; they do not peak where the heart seems bleak.” And my words were half-righteous lies; coating her uterus with an extravagance of prejudice; never to let go; only searing her opposition. All time and distance are the forcible natures that endure through stillness and jump from bare to barren. I burned her insides with my cigarette, impressing sadism and jealousy. All the abrasions that girdle her are the promises that may keep her coming back in a new formation, in a new dream, in a new spacious town. And yet I am still proposed to the fact that escaping through sleep may make her more aware. She will always come back as a wave; caressing the buoyancy of her arousal; so simple, so majestic, so intimidating.
scott <knifeprty7@hotmail.com>
MI -
it seems like there is just so much crap involved when you have a baby. When it is just me, I can make due with just a paperbag worth of stuff. But Alex needs so much crap, and I never know how many outfits to pack, because sometimes he has these explosive shits that go everywhere. So do I just plan for a major disaster to happen everyday, and pack a whole bunch of clothes for him? anyway, I hope you are doing fantastic. Have a great 4th!
Fall Guy <eastriver@expensivemenu.com>
Drive-In Movie Theatre -
I am wordless. I hear language but I am not sure if they are talking to me. I move on through sun and heat and dense foliage, strange old architecture and clouds of insects. I keep my love sealed, burning inside of a turnip. The light escapes anyhow, and people smile at me. I smile back, but I miss my home.
i move in and out of an unknown house. into the night and then back into the low lit room with a ceiling much to high. i touch an absurdly long red scarf and pull it to my face. my fingertips feel love and longing as he pulls forgotten paintings from the closet and expectantly hands them to me. i'm slow to understand that he wants me to hang them. there are. he hands me a star, another life and a half memory. i float with each to hang just so. she appears by my side and takes the oldest painting from my hands and places it in a sharp corner. she can't feel where it should go, wants to be helpful, but gets it all wrong. we are wordless, dazed from the intensity of the past. she leaves me and i feel an inrush of pain. i remove the painting and float to the ceiling, where i tear it 11 times from the edge to the center. i leave it to hang there. i walk outside and you come wearing the scarf like a child. i know now that you are kind. when we are away from the house, i lift up my shirt so that you can see my hips and spine as we walk.

Near a rock wall in El Paso, TX. The clouds flash softly, reminiscent of the landing scene from Close Encounters. A small rocket stuck into the wall. The Lego spaceship that I had built the night before was immediately accessable. The control panels came to life and automatically launched the ship; I found three of my people (redmen) floating in space, dead. It's hard to tell when red legomen are dead because of their unwavering smile. But death was assumed due to the lack of oxygen in space. Doy. Anyhow, we returned to earth, awaiting the arrival of the whitemen. Strangely, they weren't lego at all, but more like your more traditional, anemic variety of alien. Peace ensued and one even rode on the handlebars of my bike. .....oh....did you say RECENT unusual dream..... sorry... these dreams inspired all of the music that can be found at errolmorriscandidate.iuma.commmmmmmmm
Chris <gigaber@hotmail.com>
im standing in a house of mirrors after an earthquake. i feel, in some small way, responsible for all the pieces of broken reflection on the ground. now im faced with well over twenty one hundred years of bad luck. well... how do you like that?
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
Colorado -
underneath the eaves standing on white quartz i look up at the daytime sky and see the moon moving all too fast towards the sun a collision course but then arcing right I look over and there is the stars (blue sky has become transparent to me) and i see the aurora in pinks and oranges against the dark and the stars bursting and then a pattern like a bag of loaves of bread slapping a ceiling window through india ink i am called and i walk around to the front of the house where i help the fire rescue team throw a large yellow bag into the back of the truck i look again to the sky and all i see is blue and day but know that for a while i saw the pattern...
i was in the basement of the Sears Tower. there were stores and i was sort of window shopping. one of the windows had what appeared to be skinned deer.
an eclipse that was seized and frozen in motion she breathes out the light pushing out at her borders too bilnd to see translate the brail slowly with your fingertips learn the truth by touch this sleep is a phantom filling with passion and overflowing here's the collection plate: don't dip in the well and we'll produce a fountain. don't forget the key of a wall is to contain for a time being when the wall starts leaking the seeds have been sewn outworn it's uses resistance bows naturally.
sign the dotted line, slow blink from a freshly blackened eye. backyard baseball with ghost men on first and second. polyvinyl chloride. planetary circles, little discoloured statements. instinct. sugar coated braces sweeten the breath and rot yr teeth. a million dollars worth of ash. heart trespassing. million dollars worth of pearls. pearls for pigs. i sign my name to your skin, fresh with grace. ghost man on 2nd base. polyvinyl chloride, honey dipped. instinct. barren lips, give the signal to shake yr hips. barren lips taste the alphabet of yr kiss.
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
Co -
someone's got a needle dipped in gold suck it in my armpit and i watched like a third party i don't have a golden arm never wanted one spent the rest of the dream out of control trying to maintain this all after inflated feet swollen and puffed like corn when it's too hot g

Okay, i had a dream that i was baby sitting this,,, baby! and you had to watch the baby all the time or it would just get in all kinds of trouble. Well, in the dream i got distracted by watching television, and by the time i turn around, the baby is on top of the stove, with a frying pan... he's frying these strips of meat, but its not just any meat. The baby was basically just shoulders, arms, and head... it had been butchering, frying, and eating itself... This is when i freaked out and woke up... feeling quite disturbed. redshift
redshift <redshift24@hotmail.com>
ok usa -
it's six in the morning, and i just woke up from this one....i am now typing madly for fear of losing it to my daily duties begins with an old friend trying to get laid and i tell him to bug off, while he holds my hands down with his will, i tell him no and he eventually gives up showing him the door... as i show him how to leave my new apartment, i stumble trying to get back in myself, i go the wrong way, and the maze leads me to someone elses bedroom. i feel bad for asking him to awake so i can leave, but when i ask him, he rises politely and shows me the door. we only both get back outside, and this whole process happens two or three times resolving itself differently. first he and both of his dogs ride off on his bicycle down the street, second time i get lost in mountains of forgotten apartment art, third time there is a great event outside with tons of people and these crazy pelican birds land. of course i try to make friends with them but my guru (the one i am constantly awaking) says i should stay away, they're evil things. by the time i try to get back into my apartment again, i go directly to his room, apologize and say," i just don't know exactly what to do here" begin spilling my heart about how it's been a bit of time since i have really made anything that i find meaningful(which suggests that i am having a hard time finding meaning myself), and he sits upto say let's smoke a cigarette. he says very warmly like he's know all along "why aren't you singing songs?" and i almost shit my pants because for a moment i think i 'm not dreaming... i say "you know, this whole time i have thought i was dreaming just walking into your bedroom, i am soo sorry, why haven't you said anything? and all of a sudden his eyes look as though they've been drawn in with ink, and his whole face begins to go nutty and i feel a little uncompfortable as his eyes bug out and look gooey but when i say my what eyes you have he tells me it's the semen in them, and then i can't help but laugh and realize i am dreaming again. can't get back to the apartment, but get to a space that feels like a coffee shop, where i meet a little boy named dean, who swears he knows me from some coffee shop i used to work at. we shake hands and he doesn't want to let go of my fingers. his mother walks in, taking about her art paper making workshop, i agree to deliver paper for her. she kissses her son in a very sensual way before i leave, and in the middle of conversation i remember that i am dreaming, so i get up to look at a clock (recently watched waking life) but there are no clocks, so i look at the cd player and begin controlling what is playing. i keep starting some song over, it's a woman's voice i can recognize, but forget now that i am awake. delivering the paper.... tooling down this icy street with shannon, people are trying to keep up with us but all this is too much fun... at the top of the hill i decide to try to fly, and fail, though gliding percariously seems to have satisfied the urge until next dream....i glide to the foot of a door of a house. inside the house there is this piano withvery soft and oddly shaped keys, running from f# to f# the other gadets make chords happen and i start playing (in a very choppy fashion) a ragtime tune that makes me very happy and contented. felt as though i had traveled throughout the whole dream to find that song and that piano. i awoke to fighting toms in the stairwell and six gongs from the churchbell.
gina <cephius79@hotmail.com>
absolute and complete strangers still recognize me from that rather embarrassing moment from one of those hidden camera shows.
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
06.03.03 -
three days before march4th show in madison... tim and i are sitting next to eachother, he is apologizing but not for his own actions, for the actions of others. we begin to walk and he tells me that my dreams are dark, and i say (half sure) that i enjoy the beauty in their darkness. as we approach a house, i am thinking rather i am able to find the beauty in the darkness, but realize i don't neccessarily prefer it. we enter the house and it's tim's dream, with a piano and everything feels more liquid inside. he sits at the piano and says reassuringly that it's all the music, answers are in the music. i am not so sure and go back from his dream to my own, which is less familliar to me after being in the house. i stroll around in a dark swamp. at the march 4th show someone told me to begin dreaming in pink...weird. wasn't going to post this one, but changed my mind...

while walking my normal route through the village this morning, i noticed a well-dressed man following me. he had dark glasses and dark clothes, and his body language was telling me a bad story. i assumed he was doing his duties as an fbi agent and tracking my every move, or he could have simply been fulfilling his duties as a pervert and i just happened to have the body type that sick bastard was attracted to. anyway, im under video surveillance right now as i write, so i better observe a sense of brevity with my story and find a place to hide away from cameras and federal perverts.
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
i flew. started running, jumped into the air and flew around. beautiful feeling. then i got back on the ground and had sex with my girlfriend in my van. isn't it great how early childhood dreams seep into your more adult dreams?
jeff elrod <siddfinch04@georgiadogs.com>
ks united states of whatever -
he's right.

i am protecting myself and tommy calls me on it. (pointing at my heart)"this is rosy, and...) (gesturing to the rest of me) "this is sharp, pointed" "don't be so afraid of attachment, it's the rosy part that's you anyway"
I was standing in the dirt driveway of my dead grandparents house with my brother and looking at the door from the garage that led up to their shop. It was glowing and red with small puffs of smoke threading out from the brass handled knob We opened the door that turned outside and the burning stopped and the chunky embers in the wood died down. My panicked brother was telling me how we should wake up our grandparents so they could save it all before it was lost. My thought was – why bother, who cares if it all burns up, there's nothing worth saving in there. But we ran up the stairs with no railing and grabbed up large pillows on couches with colorful shams that appeared soft and snuggly. We returned outside on the concrete part of the driveway where my grandparents were waiting unconcerned and looking up at their shop and then at my brother and I. My grandfather began telling us about the time they had gone out west to Las Vegas and something about a club and a man. He ended the story saying “and it was Momar, yes, yes, Momar, that's what he said when he left...Momar”. My grandmother was sitting on the dirt just below the brick steps and laying out her tarot cards with each one she turned coming up in cups. Five, then three, then two and one. The five held a caption in red and orange of an adage that expressed forgiveness and healing. The next card she drew was the lovers, but the card itself was in the shape of a tower, which was the next card she placed by its side. She looked at them both and drew in a breath and said “Oh my”.

vampires in the doctors office claiming they need to run some blood tests on me. i question their motives while they insist i remove my crucifix. nurse mary makes the room go black, spin around, dizzy spells. queen of the damned. i reluctantly let them stick me with needles, since i am not sure i would care that much for eternal life anyway.
Oren Wagner <OrenOfNorthAmerica@yahoo.com>
After seeing Califone at 93 Feet East and having a drink at the Columbia Hotel: The guys from the band are hanging out in our flat and for some reason sitting on our bed fully clothed. We're talking about genes, cards, life.... There's a knock at the door and it's Sybil, my clinical supervisor from Chicago, who is now a postal worker in London. She delivers a small package in which there is a piece of chocolate in the shape of a mac truck from an imaginary person I met recently in Florida named Dr. Abuela Asuela. The message said "Think of me in moments of great joy."
jules <julia.kim@iop.kcl.ac.uk>
uk -
I'm surronded by grape vines in the winery across the street from my house. Looking for this girl I just met while on a class trip to a Hindu temple the day before. I'd like to see if she wants to go see Jason Lowenstein - but I have to find her first. I finally find her, but it's only brief glimpses through the grape vines - she's riding a bike around the winery. Suddenly I'm transported to this huge house - probably owing to the fact that she has 8 brothers and sisters. Then things get totally absurd: Phillip Banks (From Fresh Prince of Bellair) introduces himself as her dad and asks what my qualifications are for dating his daughter. I babble on about some college and a stuffy job I had in Cleveland. The dream abrubtly ends with me being thrown out the front door - like DJ Jazzy Jeff.
Ryan <deslatek@yahoo.com>
two nights ago I was laying in the new bed. An old iron bed, brown flaking paint, the head of the bed facing northeast. Its been hot and humid lately, and someone downstairs sent blase jazz notes on guitar through the wrecked hardwood floor all night long. I laid over all the blankets, except for the thin purple patchwork quilt. I had nightmares as terrible as when I was three, and the monsters percolated up with the reasonless persistance of the music from below. I dreamed myself lying there, and then awoke, over and over again, laying in the same position. Last night I dreamt of my mother, and her quiet dignity felt like eternity.
VA - my dre